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fredag den 16. november 2007

Smøger og møder

Der er emner, navne, genstande etc., der beskæftiger denne blog mere end andet. Det forekommer, at disses, lad os kalde dem kæpheste, afveje krydser hinanden. Det skete bl.a. i denne uge, hvor Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, havde temaet ‘Smoking’, og Dylan ved den lejlighed spillede The Replacements ‘More Cigarettes’ fra albummet ‘Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash’.

Her en anekdote om første gang Dylan og The Replacements mødtes.

"Don't look back, Paul Westerberg thought to himself the first time he crossed paths with Bob Dylan. It was early 1990, and the Replacements were wrapping up a long, boozy session at Hollywood's Ocean Way studios. Having learned that Dylan was ensconced in another part of the building, they were cutting a shambolic version of "Like a Rolling Stone" called "Like a Rolling Pin."As a hoarse Westerberg, his back to the control room window, brought the whole mess to a crashing halt, he still hadn't noticed the visitor who'd dropped in to check out the strangely familiar racket: Dylan himself, in proto-Unabomber hood and sunglasses, head cocked quizzically. But the other Mats had, and their jaws dropped. Westerberg finally turned around. For a moment they stood face-to-face, the two storied Minnesota songwriters, each hailed in his heyday as rock's preeminent poet, separated by only a pane of glass."

Hvis ovenstående er dig en smule for højstemt, så lad være med at læse resten af artiklen.

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