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onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Studio 73 Freakout

Pladeselskabsdirektøren og et par af de medvidende musikere, har ladet nogle ord sive om processen, musikken og forandringerne. Nu har sjakbajsen selv taget over. Sagt på en anden måde, læs et udpluk af de tanker, som Lorenzo Woodrose har gjort sig om den kommende Baby Woodrose plade, som bliver udsendt af Bad Afro til september.

”I think we'll start the album with a song called FORTUNE TELLER. It has a good time feeling, beginning with some thick fuzz and developing into a soulful song with a catchy chorus hookline and an outro that really starts a party. Next is TAKE IT, a more uptempo garagepunk track based on a Kinks inspired three chord riff and a simple and gritty sound. OPEN UP YOUR HEART is a clean popsong that couples elements of J.D Blackfoot's Cycles and Spirit's Uncle Jack. EMILY, probably the most commercial thing I've ever done - a melancholic ballad with simple but effective lyrics that came straight from my heart. Fifth track is LAUGHING STOCK, a song that has persistently been lying around for the last three BW albums but has been changed considerably recently, leaving only the lyrics basically. To end the first half of the album, I've chosen the monumental COUNTDOWN TO BREAKDOWN - a track I'm very proud of personally. It reminds me of Neil Young's early solo albums in places, with its country jinglejangle, shaky vocal and a few psychedelic touches.

Side two of the album starts with CHANGES EVERYWHERE, another slow and moody groove with strange backwards guitars and ringing twelve string backing. Next is HOLLOW GROVE which is like a little fairytale story introducing some chimes and Rhodes. NO MAS is a girl-put-down garagepunk track reminiscent of both The Sonics and We The People. MIKITA is a simple love song with some soulful vocals and an almost country type sound. SCORPIO was recorded live to one track in one take with just acoustic guitar and vocal, later adding some Rhodes and a little tambourine. SECRET OF THE TWISTED FLOWER is more like something that could have been on Chasing Rainbows, another moody psych ballad with Hammond organ, Leslie on the drums and sitar-like fuzz leads. Finally there’s IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN which will be pulled from the album and used as an exclusive B-side. A classic Baby Woodrose rocknroll track.”

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