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onsdag den 30. marts 2016

“Brutha Wayne Kramer!!! Such a great detailed lecture…”

“I would have stayed in college if Wayne Kramer was giving a lesson.”

“Uh, Wayne needs to read a little actual history. His views of the BPs is laughably one-sided. He speaks as though the BPs were completely innocent. Sorry Wayne, both Newton and Cleaver have admitted long, long ago and it is well-documented  that the BPs deliberately set out to provoke police into an ambush numerous times. Also, as Wayne fully well knows, the BPs were no strangers  to murder, rape and violence.”

“What I would not have given to be in that class that day.”

“It's a crime this room isn't packed!”

“Seriously, who could have ever predicted Wayne Kramer speaking (very well, at that) before a University class, 40 years after the MC5??. Very insightful; the students in this class have no idea how lucky they are to have a living rock music legend before them!”

“Absolutely brilliant. Brilliant man.”

“I love MC5 and I love people who love MC5”

- et fåtal af kommentarerne til denne video fra Wayne Kramers forelæsning, ’On MC5 and the Evolution of Pop Music’, på Loyola University i New Orleans i 2011.

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