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tirsdag den 22. marts 2016

“Midwestern fatalism”. Nyt fra kælderen.

“Bottle by bottle, song by song, starting in the Stinsons' Minneapolis basement, "Trouble Boys" documents the making of the records, the fights, the firings, the breakups, the rivalries (their Twin Cities counterpart Hüsker Dü, the music media's constant comparisons to R.E.M.), the bail, the girlfriends, the wives, the kids, the sobering up and the drinking again. There are the Dickies work pants and the scruffy, uncool haircuts and then later, the makeup and the dresses and the clown costume. There's the beer swilled out of a boot, and Jack Daniels drunk from saucers on the floor. There's the Sire Records food fight in their plaid thrift store suits with Seymour Stein in his Playboy bunny tie. There's a Winona cameo (Ryder and Westerberg rumors surfaced when she was dating Johnny Depp; "Everyone thinks we had this thing. Why didn't we just have it?" Paul said); a cryptic exchange with Minneapolis royalty (Westerberg met Prince at a urinal); a deadpan encounter with Bob Dylan. When the Replacements go into the studio with a mostly sobered-up Alex Chilton (formerly of Big Star) as their producer, he instructs them as to when they're allowed to start doing cocaine.”

- uddrag fra Rebecca Bengals anmeldelse i L.A. Times af Bob Mehs biografi om The Replacements, ’ Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements’. Overskriften er nogle af de ord som vennen Peter Buck, har brugt til at beskrive, hvad det var, der forhindrede ’Mats i at blive større, end de var.

Her en ny video til ’Done, Done Done’ med The I Don’t Cares. Paul Westerbergs nye projekt med Juliana Hatfield.

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