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onsdag den 16. marts 2016

Pere Ubu: Interviews Protocols

“1. David will not do interviews while on tour. All interviews with him must be conducted before the tour begins. "If it doesn't sell tickets then I got more important stuff to do - walls to watch, windows to look out."

2. Other members of the band may be willing to do interviews during the tour. Requests should be addressed to Communex.

3. Ask pithy, straightforward questions - don't try to be clever.

4. Ubu Projex retains copyright to anything a band member may say. So, if we like the answer we will post it or use it however we want.

5. David prefers email interviews. Whatever the format he will read or copy-and-paste from his prepared 'Book Of Answers.' There is only one answer for any question. If you ask a question that's been asked before then you will get word-for-word the answer to the question he answered before. There is no variance. In email answers feel free to cut from the bottom.

6. For radio interviews, ask the question and get out of his way. If David needs or wants your input he will let you know. "What was I talking about anyway?" is a good clue that he is willing to listen to you now.

7. David usually makes himself available in the venue after a show. He will sign autographs and sit there while you take a selfie with him. Don't ask him questions - he won't answer and will likely be so annoyed he makes a polite excuse and moves somewhere else. He is off-duty after a show. Also be aware that David does not like the frequencies of the human voice and has stopped bothering to listen in that range. Best policy is to smile, move slowly and offer him a banana.”

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