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fredag den 6. maj 2016

Det er ti år siden i dag

May 6, 2016. Ten years ago today Grant McLennan of The Go-Betweens passed away. A sad anniversary to mark, but necessary in so many ways, not the least because he was a great singer-songwriter and a wonderful friend. I think of him often; he is not someone who has faded - remaining close to me as he always will be, in memory and music. We knew each other for just over thirty years - for seventeen of them we were in a band, for the remainder of the time the friendship was just as important and central to us.”

- uddrag af Robert Forsters hilsen til vennen Grant McLennan, der døde for ti år siden.

Her ‘Thought That I Was Over You’ fra debutalbummet med Jack Frost. Et band, som Grant McLennan dannede sammen med The Churchs Steve Kilbey. De udsendte to plader i henholdsvis 1991 og 1996. Stilen lægger sig nok mere op ad The Church i et mellow mode end The Go-Betweens:

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