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mandag den 17. oktober 2016

’Lay Down Clown…’

”On occasion, Mars was given to fits of strangely theatrical behavior. This usually coincided with the appearance of his outré alter ego. ‘Pappy the Clown’. The first time Pappy appeared was during a gig at a punk club in Virginia Beach. “We did a sound check, and then Chis came back for the show made up like a clown, with no explanation”, recalled Westerberg. “And he wouldn’t say a word. It was all mime. It kinda startled us. We all thought this pretty much genius…but weird as hell”
   “It was…God…it was funny”, said Tommy Stinson. “It was pretty disturbing at first too, because it was so out of the blue.””

- fra ‘Trouble Boys. The True Story Of The Replacements’ af Bob Mehr.

De klovnelignende figurer har Chris Mars ikke lagt bag sig. De indgår i høj grad i den kunst, som Mars lever og ånder for i dag.

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