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søndag den 19. marts 2017

The King Of Rock’n’Roll. ‘Chuck Berry Songs Recorded by Elvis…’

“Elvis Presley was always drawn to Chuck Berry’s music. Presley sidekick Jerry Schilling saw it happen spontaneously one night in 1972. Schilling was with Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr. as they walked through the lobby of the Las Vegas Hilton. “We heard a very familiar Chuck Berry intro,” Schilling recalls. “And Sammy and Elvis just looked at each other, and with a smile, we all just turned around without anything being said, and we headed for the lounge.” After taking a booth in the lounge where Chuck was playing, Elvis began yelling out song requests. Some of those titles Elvis had himself recorded during his career.”

Her ‘Promised Land’, der var den eneste Chuck Berry komposition, Elvis Presley udgav som single. Den kom i 1973.

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