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lørdag den 12. august 2017

Ballard inspirerer stadig…

Jeg har tidligere omtalt Bandcamps fremragende artikelbase. For et par dage siden, bragte siden en feature om, hvordan den engelske forfatter J.G. Ballards dystopier stadigvæk påvirker moderne musik.  Det gør den med eksempler fra Fujiya & Miyagi, Thierry Müller, The Bug mv.

“Ballard hit on a rich seam of inspiration in the mid-to-late ‘70s, turning out novels like Crash, Concrete Island, and High-Rise which would exert a powerful influence on the emerging language of punk, post-punk, and new wave. Groups like The Human League, The Comsat Angels, and Ultravox were all Ballard disciples, and many quoted him explicitly. Joy Division cribbed the song title “Atrocity Exhibition” from Ballard’s 1970 experimental fiction collection, while Daniel Miller, CEO of Mute Records, began his music career as The Normal with a song, “Warm Leatherette,” based on Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash, a self-described “psychopathic hymn” to the erotic potential of the car crash.”

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