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søndag den 27. august 2017

“The B section must have been bursting at the seams: the Beatles and the Beach Boys, Big Star and the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield…”

“Although it’s identified with Los Angeles, the Paisley Underground has roots that extend about 400 miles to the north. Specifically, to Davis, California, a small college town near Sacramento. Even more specifically, to the UC Davis student radio station. That’s where Steve Wynn met Kendra Smith, shortly before they formed the Suspects and later the Dream Syndicate. That’s where Russ Tolman spun records before he joined the Suspects and later True West. Scott Miller of Game Theory spun records at KDVS, as did Guy Kyser of art punks Thin White Rope. It’s not unusual for college radio stations to attract music nerds, misfits, and budding musicians, but in the late 1970s nearly every DJ at UC Davis was a cult legend in the making.”

Anmeldelserne begynder så småt at løbe ind for den nye The Dream Syndicate-plade, ’How Did I Find Myself Here’, bandets første siden 1988. Men hvordan begyndte det egentlig for The Dream Syndicate og Paisley Underground-scenen, som de blev en del af i begyndelsen af firserne? Det bragte Stereogum en længere artikel om for et par dage siden.

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