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lørdag den 28. oktober 2017

“Rock Is Sick And Living In London”

"Because the music press are basically Sixties culture freaks. They imply we're not original, they try to maintain this facade of knowing every song, every riff, every lyric, as if they invented it. One recent headline had us as 'John, Paul, Steve and Sid,' like we were the Beatles! That's fucking disgusting! They were trying to make us fun. It shows the vampire nature of the Sixties generation, the most narcissistic generation that has ever been!"

- Malcolm McLaren om Sex Pistols til Rolling Stone Magazine, 20. oktober 1977.

På fyrreårs-dagen for udgivelsen af ’Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols’, kunne det måske være interessant at få lidt baggrund og perspektiv på, hvad det var Sex Pistols harcelerede i mod. Det er der mulighed for i denne lange Rolling Stone-reportage af Charles M. Young om et London i opbrud og forandring.

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