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søndag den 1. oktober 2017

“The Greatest Rock Move Ever”. Mike Scotts yndlingsøjeblikke med Keef.

Mike Scott har skrevet en ode til Keith Richards. Den hedder ’Mister Charisma’, og er at finde på den nye Waterboys-plade, ’Out Of All This Blue’. Scott har i den anledning fortalt magasinet PopMatters:

“I greatly admire who Keith has become over the years as a man and a spirit. But my song says ‘Please, mate, can you make the news these days with a killer riff or a beautiful song rather than by slagging Sgt. Pepper or coming up with newsworthy trivia?”

Samtidig har Mike Scott fået lov til at udvælge sine fem favoritøjeblikke med Richards. Kutymen plejer ellers at være en artikel om den interviewedes fem yndlingsplader. Her følger introen til det, Scott kalder,”the greatest rock move ever…”

“May 1968. The Stones film a promo for their new single “Jumping Jack Flash”. Mick wears war paint, Brian’s face is pancake green, Charlie’s bored and Bill’s mysterious. Meanwhile, Keef has discovered the all-time greatest rock’n'roll facial expression, a puckered-lip pout that transmits defiance, hedonism and the way his guitar riff sounds all at once. The camera catches it four, maybe five times and you can imagine the director shouting “Yeah, that face, get that!”

For the first minute and a half, the film is all close shots, claustrophobic, thrilling. Then the focus widens and we see Mick is dancing in front of the band. Behind him, while he sings “And I frowned” in the third line of the third verse, Keef busts the greatest rock move ever. It has four components: he yanks his arm back while striking a guitar chord; he ducks; he turns to his left, and he throws that puckered-lip pout again. In a single second, he defines rock’n'roll for all time as a sound, a dance, and an attitude.”

Læs hele artiklen fra PopMatters her. God fornøjelse på tirsdag

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