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mandag den 19. februar 2018

Ed Kuepper Park

Go-Between Bridge og et stort vægmaleri af The Saints. Brisbane gør meget for at udødeliggøre lokale helte. Efter en underskriftindsamling er det også lykkedes for en beboer i byens sydvestlige forstad Oxley at få en park opkaldt efter Ed Kuepper:

”Ed Kuepper was born in Bremen, Germany, and with his family, migrated to Oxley. It was at Oxley High School that Ed met Chris Bailey, and later at Corinda High School, Ivor Hay. Together they formed the band ‘The Saints’ in the mid-70’s, in his childhood home on Lawson Street. ‘The Saints’ wrote the iconic song ‘I’m Stranded’. In 2007 ‘I’m Stranded’ was one of the first 20 songs added to The National Sound and Film Archvies’ Sounds of Australia registry, and is recognized worldwide as an early touchstone of the punk movement. Bob Geldof famously said, “Rock Music in the seventies was changed by three bands - the Sex Pistoles, the Ramones and The Saints”.

After leaving ‘The Saints’ in the late 1970s, Ed formed the band, the ‘Laughing Clowns’. Ed has been a successful solo artist since the mid-80s and has been an important and influential member of the Australian music scene for more than 40 year” 

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