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torsdag den 13. juni 2019

“I’m never heard him live before…” I dag er det 50 år siden, at 20-årige Mick Taylor kom med i The Rolling Stones

“He’s been through the John Mayall school of guitarists - people like Peter Green and Clapton. I didn’t want to go through the whole bit of auditioning guitarists, so I spoke to Mayall, a man whose judgement I respect in these matters. John just sort of grunted when I told him we’d like to see Mick, so I took it like a ‘yes’… I’m never heard him live before - only on records, but he got on well with Keith and he picked things up quickly. He doesn’t play anything like Brian. He’s a bluesman and he wants to play rock’n’roll, so that’s okay”

- Mick Jagger fra ‘Rolling Stones: Off The Record’. Outrageous Opinions and Unrehearsed Interviews’ af  Mark Paytress

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