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mandag den 18. november 2019

‘There’s only room for one monkey in the show and that monkey is me, motherfucker”

“Country Dick was like fuckin’ Paul Bunyan, man! Country Dick was a mythical figure, larger than life! Country Dick was one of the greatest showmen ever! You know when you go to the circus, the guy makes a big deal about stickin’ his head in the lion’s mouth? And there’s all this buildup and music and everything? That’s what Country Dick would do. Country Dick would do something hard, and make it look impossible. He would be standing on the table with a beer in each hand, and try to sing into the microphone and avoid the fan’s gonna hit him in the head. It was truly a circus act. It was unbe–  You know what it was? It was fuckin entertainment. It was entertaining! You didn’t walk away going, ‘Those songs are kind of boring.’ You walked away going, ‘Shit man, I got my money’s worth!'”

- Mojo Nixon om Country Dick Montana.

Ringer der en klokke? Er der overhovedet nogen, der kan huske Country Dick Montana? Jeg hørte Beat Farmers flere gange tilbage i firserne. Både i Musikcaféen og Montmartre. Jeg husker også en våd nat på Café Monten, efter en Beat Farmers koncert. En nat, med whiskysjusser og selskab af Country Dick Montana, der flere gange, sagde til os, ”You guys rock”. Et udsagn, man vil forstå betydningen af, hvis man læser ’The Death Of Country Dick Montana & Ballad Of Dan McLain’ fra Legs McNeils glimrende side, ’Please Kill Me. This What’s Cool’.

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