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torsdag den 10. september 2020

“Punk was very narrow minded”

”I started out when I was twelve with Swell Maps. This was before the punk thing, so we had the advantage of being into music before that and understanding the musical history of it. There was a periode in ’76 and ’77 when millions of bands formed in Britain because of punk. In a way that opened up doors for us and it gave us a chance to make a record. Punk was very narrow minded. People thought you could only do songs that were 2-3 minutes long and couldn’t use acoustic guitars. It gradually changed but it was sort of a prpblem as well, so we stuck out as a band that was doing something a bit different. People didn’t understand some of what we did because we did a lot of different things. We had many different styles like straight forward songs and quiet atmospheric things, it all sort of mixed together. We just played things that we liked and saw it as music, which I still do. Then we broke up in 1980 after two albums….”

- Epic Sountracks opsummering af tiden i Swell Maps. Fra et interview i bladet Tail Spins, 1990

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