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onsdag den 22. juli 2020

“I like Black Flag a lot but I’m getting too tired to roll over police cars”

“I’m a huge, longtime Uncle Tupelo fan and I even had the honor of playing with them once a long time ago. My old band, Adam’s House Cat, opened for them on the No Depression tour at The Antenna Club in Memphis, Tennessee. I remember thinking they were pretty cool, but I wish I would’ve paid more attention to them in that moment. Since we were the opening band, it was during my time of just playing the gig and then getting pretty drunk. I also remember going into the gig with a little bit of good-humored prejudice because I grew up real close to Tupelo and I was like, “Who is this band that is not from Mississippi calling themselves Uncle Tupelo?” At the same time, they truly won me over with their live show because I really enjoyed their sound and their seemingly endless energy.”

- Patterson Hood. Drive-By Truckers

I juni fyldte ‘No Depression’ med Uncle Tupelo 30 år. Det har magasinet, der dels har taget navn efter albumtitlen selvfølgelig en længere feature om. Når jeg skriver dels er det fordi, at bladet også nævner The Carter Family-sangen ’No Depression In Heaven’, og en tidlig online diskussionsgruppe om alternativ country ved navn The No Depression Folder, som inspiration til bladnavnet.

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