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fredag den 30. december 2022

Nytår med Kørfirs Records. Playliste 29. december 2022

1. Audio Two - Top Billin' (1987)
2. Chris & Pis - Al Gorritme (live) (2021)
3. The Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (1965)
4. James Brown & His Famous Flames - I´ve Got Money (1962)
5. Chris & Pis - Content (live) (2021)
6. Chris & Pis - Mit Andet Job (live) (2021)
7. Sleaford Mods - Jobseeker (live Jools Holland) (2015)
8. 1. Person Ental - Lhama Talk (fra kommende plade) (2023)
9. The Zombies - This Will Be Our Year (1968)
10. Chuck & The Daylight - Bottomless Pit (1963)
11. Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - New Year's Resolution (1967)
12. Big Thief - Spud Infinity (2022)
13. John & Yoko - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (1971)
14. Emilio Hestepis - En Ny Slags Gud (2019)
15. Emilio Hestepis - Pizza nr. 636.446.714 (2022)
16. Loke Dehp - Pizzarap (2022)
17. Mac DeMarco - Salad Days (2014)
18. Skiven & Pis - Unfluencer (2020)
19. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey (1987)
20. Naghmeh Farahmand - Transonic (2012)
21. Emilio Hestepis - Hermione (2019)


torsdag den 29. december 2022

“Sophomoric — like the Velvets without Lou.”

Før jul bragte magasinet Far Out en artikel om Keith Richards' mange fornærmelser. Her efter jul er den blevet fulgt af en om solister og bands, David Bowie ikke brød sig om.

 “Artists David Bowie didn’t like:

Gary Numan

Let’s get it out there: David Bowie did not like Gary Numan at all. Despite Numan being a lifelong fan of Bowie, the feelings were not reciprocated. Notoriously, the older statesman had Numan kicked off The Kenny Everett Christmas Show in 1980 for what he perceived as Numan copying his act.

Speaking to NME in 2021, Numan reflected on the crushing incident. “It bothered me at the time because I was a massive fan, and he’d been such a big part of my life for so many years, so I was pretty disappointed – and the fact I got taken off the show afterwards,” he said. “But I later came to realise we all go through periods when we’re more fragile or paranoid and not sure how we fit into all of this.”

Questioned on whether he thought it was jealousy that underpinned Bowie’s actions, Numan opined: “I think there was an element of that. I never got to meet him afterwards and ask, but my feeling was at that moment, I was the current big thing in weird make-up, and I don’t think that period was the best for him. I know many people that met him and he was lovely, and I wish I’d met that version.”

In fact, David Bowie had such a problem with Gary Numan that he even took shots at him in ‘Teenage Wildlife’ from 1980’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). Bowie sings: “A broken-nosed mogul are you, One of the new wave boys, Same old thing in brand new drag, Comes sweeping into view, As ugly as a teenage millionaire, Pretending it’s a whiz-kid world.”

He later said of his young disciple: “What Numan did, he did excellently but in repetition, in the same information coming over again and again, once you’ve heard one piece”.

Axl Rose

A more personal entry. During the late 1980s, when rockstars were precisely that, Bowie found himself in a physical altercation with Axl Rose, the frontman of the world’s then-biggest band, Guns N’ Roses. Guitarist Slash revealed this when writing in his eponymous memoir. He recalled Bowie and Rose fighting over the daughter of an Everly Brother, Rose’s then-girlfriend, Erin Everly.

One night in 1989, Bowie went to watch Guns N’ Roses support The Rolling Stones at The Cathouse venue. He was in attendance alongside Ola Hudson, Slash’s mother, who he had known and worked with for years. However, at one point, Rose started sneering and throwing some rather choice insults in his direction. Disgusted at Rose, Bowie stood up and left during Guns N’ Roses’ set. No one understood what had happened at the time until Slash divulged that Rose was furious at Bowie for allegedly hitting on Erin.

This occurred earlier in the day at the venue when Guns N’ Roses were shooting their video for ‘It’s So Easy’. The story goes that Bowie was drunk and playful, and as Erin was starring in the video in leather bondage gear, the temperature rose. Looking back in 1990, the owner of The Cathouse claimed that Axl caught Bowie pursuing Everly and lost it, with the two getting into a physical altercation. It concluded with Rose chasing Bowie, screaming at him, “I’m gonna kill you, TIN MAN”.

Elton John

Elton John was another notable figure that Bowie did not have time for, despite both of them – and T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan – frequenting gay clubs together when they were younger. Speaking to Rolling Stone in 1976, Bowie admitted that he called John “the Liberace, the token queen of rock”, which would no doubt hurt his target.

Later, Elton John commented: “We started out being really good friends. We used to hang out together with Marc Bolan, going to gay clubs, but I think we just drifted apart.” He added, “David and I were not the best of friends towards the end.”

The insults Bowie aimed at Elton John did not stop there. He also commented: “I consider myself responsible for a whole new school of pretensions — they know who they are. Don’t you, Elton?”

The ‘Rocket Man’ singer eventually forgave Bowie, although they never personally reconciled. He went as far as to attribute Bowie’s comments to his cocaine addiction which was reaching its worst in 1976. Speaking of David Bowie again in 2016, he said about his remarks: “I thought it was a bit snooty. He wasn’t my cup of tea. No, I wasn’t his cup of tea”.

Paul McCartney

David Bowie was nothing if not a realist. In 1996, when discussing the impact of The Beatles, he attempted to peel back the mainstream belief that the Liverpool band remain essential today. He said: “Bands like the Beatles (who) were so extremely large in terms of what they sold and the influence they had” clearly had an impact back in the 1960s, but “very little of their influence is actually felt now.”

Although he was a revisionist, Bowie still greatly respected The Beatles. In 1995, when discussing their late frontman and his ‘Fame’ collaborator, John Lennon, he said: “I just thought we’d be buddies forever and get on better and better, and all that fantasy, I know which Beatle I always liked.”

However, he did not feel the same way about Paul McCartney. In response to a question of what he thought about “contemporaries” such as The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, Bowie explained that whilst he liked “some of” the former’s work, he wasn’t keen on McCartney’s. He said: “I don’t like much of Paul’s. He’s a nice guy, I’ve met him a couple of times.”

The Jesus and Mary Chain

At face value, one would have expected Bowie to have been a fan of Scottish alt-rock heroes The Jesus and Mary Chain. When they broke through in 1985 with their debut Psychocandy, they were classed as genuine pioneers, making a form of noise rock blended with bubblegum pop.

However, with their second album, 1987’s Darklands, the band refined their sound, creating a more anthemic form that produced moments such as ‘April Skies’ and ‘Happy When It Rains’. Despite this more accessible sound, during an interview with Musician in August of that year, Bowie tore into the band, calling them “awful” and “sophomoric—like the Velvets without Lou.”

fredag den 23. december 2022

Infant Finches. Playliste 22. december 2022

1. Infant Finches - Colours (2022)
2. Palm - Child Actor (2015)
3. Spirit Of The Beehive - Rapid & Complete Recovery (2022)
4. Vomit Heat - Dream OD (2022)
5. Himmelrum - Sølvflod (2020)
6. Erik - True Joy (2020)
7. Tettix Hexer - The Vibrant And Buoyant Heart (For Mikkel) (2022)
8. Lifetones - Good Side (1983)
9. David Longstreth - Easily Resigned (2002)
10. Splitscreen - Glue (2022)
11. Alawari - Misundelse (2022)
12. Draage Me - Running Instead (2020)
13. Cities Aviv - Not That I'm Anywhere (2012)
14. Collider - They Spent No (2022)
15. Liza Dries - Coming Out (demo) (2022)
16. Infant Finches - Blind Walk (2022)


torsdag den 22. december 2022

Terry Hall Easter Special. 8. april 1985

Det er nok ikke gået mange med den mindste interesse for populær musik forbi, at Terry Hall fra The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield mv. døde i denne uge. En mandag aften i 1985 vendte han favoritplader i et par timer på radiostationen Piccadilly Radio i Manchester. Et program, der har ligget og samlet støv, indtil i går.

1. Fun Boy Three - The Tunnel of Love
2. Disco-Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes - Get Dancin'
3. Freda Payne - Band of Gold
4. The Colourfield - Castles in the Air
5. Echo & The Bunnymen - The Cutter
6. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
7. The Colourfield - Faint Hearts
8. Melanie - Brand New Key
9. Aztec Camera - Oblivious
10. Edith Piaf - Autumn Leaves (Les feuilles mortes)
11. The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
12. The Colourfield - Yours Sincerely
13. Love - Alone Again Or
14. Alessi Brothers - Oh Lori
15. The Colourfield - Thinking of You
16. XTC - Radios in Motion
17. The Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music
18. Andy Williams - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
19. Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
20. Madonna - Like a Virgin
21. Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty
22. The Colourfield - Hammond Song
23. Janis Ian - Seventeen
24. The Doors - Touch Me
25. Loyd Cole & The Commotions - Perfect Skin
26. The Colourfield - Cruel Circus
27. Dolly Parton - Jolene
28. David Bowie - Wild Is the Wind

tirsdag den 20. december 2022

“An overrated midget, Prince has to find out what it means to be a prince.”

I forgårs fyldte Keef 79 år. Det fejrede magasinet Far Out med denne artikel:

“Keith Richards’ best insults


Prince and The Rolling Stones share a troubled history. In 1981, the ‘Purple One’ was on support duty for the British band in Los Angeles when their audience reacted badly and started to sabotage the musician’s set. Mick Jagger personally intervened to ensure Prince fulfilled the rest of his dates supporting the group, but Richards was less hospitable than his bandmate.

“An overrated midget, Prince has to find out what it means to be a prince. That’s the trouble with conferring a title on yourself before you’ve proved it,” Richards cruelly said shortly after the event. “His attitude when he opened for us was insulting to our audience. You don’t try to knock off the headline like that when you’re playing a Stones crowd. He’s a prince who thinks he’s a king already. Good luck to him,” he then added.

Eight years later, Richards told the Los Angeles Times: “To me, Prince is like The Monkees. I think he’s very clever at manipulating the music business and the entertainment business.”

Elton John

Richards first threw shade at Elton John when Rolling Stone interviewed him in 1988. The guitarist was asked to provide his thoughts on an array of contemporary pop songs, including Elton’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That’. On the track, he commented: “Reg, give me a Rubens, and I’ll say something nice. Reg Dwight. Lovely bloke, but posing”.

Following the death of Princess Diana, Elton reworked ‘Candle In The Wind’ as a tribute to the late royal, which also riled up Richards.“Yeah, it did jar a bit, songs for dead blondes,” he told EW in 1997. “But he was a personal friend, after all. I’d find it difficult to ride on the back of something like that myself, but Reg is showbiz”.

The Bee Gees

As pure pop writers, The Bee Gees were undeniably talented technicians and a mini hit factory. For a period, everything the Gibb brothers touched turned to gold, but Keith Richards was less than pleased with their craft and patronisingly viewed them as children.

Richards viciously told Rolling Stone in 1969: “Well, they’re in their own little fantasy world. You only have to read what they talk about in interviews… how many suits they’ve got and that kind of crap. It’s all kid stuff, isn’t it?”


Undeniably, The Rolling Stones have influenced an immeasurable number of bands. For the most part, Richards is proud of their impact on others. However, one group the guitarist doesn’t want to be classified as an influence by is Metallica.

“Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath. I just thought they were great jokes,” he told the New York Daily News in 2015. Richards savagely continued: “I don’t know where Metallica’s inspiration comes from, but if it’s from me, then I fucked up.”


For this verbal assault, Richards tag teamed with Jagger, who was equally as vitriolic. The pair appeared in a documentary, which never aired. Richards called Oasis “crap”, and Mick Jagger added: “You can’t dance to it, the new album’s impossible,” regarding Oasis’ material. Richards stuck the boot in further and said: “These guys are just obnoxious. Grow up and then come back and see if you can hang.”

Over the years, Richards has softened to the Gallagher brothers as people, even if he still doesn’t dig their music. The Rolling Stones guitarist even spent New Year’s Eve with Noel Gallagher in the Carribbean, where they bonded over their hate for frontmen.

David Bowie

David Bowie is one of the few figures in the history of music who are above criticism. There’s no subjectiveness involved in appreciating his artistry, which is objectively magnificent, but Keith Richards’ memo got lost in the post.

In a 2008 interview, Richards claimed ‘Changes’ was the only song from Hunky Dory that he could remember. He commented: “It’s all pose. It’s all fucking posing. It’s nothing to do with music. He knows it too.” The Rolling Stone cold-bloodedly added: “I can’t think of anything else he’s done that would make my hair stand up.”

Mick Jagger

If I were to write up every offensive remark Keith Richards has made about Mick Jagger, I’d be here all night. Instead, I’m inclined to take a highlights approach to his insults towards Mick and celebrate his most biting comment about The Rolling Stones singer.

In his autobiography, Life, he bizarrely chose to ridicule the size of Jagger’s manhood. “The idea of status quo to Anita, in those days, was verboten. Everything must change. And we’re not married, we’re free, whatever. You’re free as long as you let me know what’s going on,” Richards wrote. “Anyway, she had no fun with his tiny todger. I know he’s got an enormous pair of balls, but it doesn’t quite fill the gap, does it?”

In 2012, Richards uncharacteristically apologised in a documentary celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary: “[Mick] and I have had conversations over the last year of a kind we have not had for an extremely long time, and that has been incredibly important to me.”

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead are more than a band, they are a family, and you need to be a brave soul to attack them. However, Richards never understood why there was such a clamour around the group and described their sound as “boring”. Of all the words to use against The Grateful Dead, “boring” is one of the last that’d come to mind, but Richards is a professional contrarian who thinks differently from the rest.

He once scathingly commented: “The Grateful Dead is where everybody got it wrong. Just poodling about for hours and hours. Jerry Garcia, boring shit, man. Sorry, Jerry.”

fredag den 16. december 2022

BEAT 2022. Playliste 15. december 2022

1. Oneida - I Wanna Hold Your Electric Hand (Success) (2022)
2. Friends Of Cesar Romero - The Moment Playboy (In The Cold Cruel Eyes Of A Million Stars) (2022)
3. Pink Mountaintops - Nervous Breakdown (Peacock Pools) (2022)
4. Ribbon Stage - Hearst (Hit With The Most) (2022)
5. Young Guv - Couldn't Leave U If I Tried (Guv III) (2022)
6. Uno Soul - Heartbroken Girl (Poppy) (2022)
7. Zusammen Clark - Rest Position (Earlier) (2022)
8. Tell No Lies - Malatesta (Hide Nothing) (2022)
9. Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Penelope Halfpenny (The Boy Named If) (2022)
10. Tommy McLain with Elvis Costello - I Ran Down Every Dream (I Ran Down Every Dream) (2022)
11. Alex Izenberg - Sorrows Blue Tapestry (I'm Not Here) (2022)
12. Vilde Græs - Baglæns Ned Ad Gaden (Gror) (2022)
13. Fortunato Durutti Marinetti - Feels Like (Memory's Fool) (2022)
14. Gäy - That Stupid Rock & Roll (Monster Cocks) (2022)
15. The Chats - Ticket Inspector (Get Fucked) (2022)
16. Neutrals - Gary Borthwick Says (Bus Stop Nights E.P.) (2022)
17. Knud Odde - Østre Vrå Sogn (Strejftog I Hjemegnen) (2022)
18. The Sadies - No One's Listening (Colder Streams) (2022)
19. Peace De Résistance - Alphabet Au Pair (Bits And Pieces) (2022)
20. Simon Joyner - Tekamah (Songs From A Stolen Guitar) (2022)
21. Chris Isaak - Wrapping Presents For Myself (Everybody Knows It's Christmas) (2022)


fredag den 9. december 2022

’Pionerer & Outsidere. Dansk elektronisk musik 1928-1980’ med Jonas Olesen. Playliste 8. december 2022

1. Bent Lorentzen - Elektronmusikkens Materialer I (1968)
2. Christian A. Volf - Volfair Therapeutic Record WB 348 (1935-36)
3. Bamse Kragh-Jacobsen/Linien II - Bruitistisk Koncert nr. 1 (1948)
4. Carl Weismann & De Syngende Hunde - Jingle Bells (1955)
5. Knud Rasmussen - Hyggestemning 2. del (1953)
6. Arne Juul Jacobsen - Rejse Til Abstraktionernes Land (1959)
7. Jesper Hendze - Sindssyg Musik (1976)
8. Else Marie Pade & Peter Steen - Se Det I Øjnene (1970)
9. Fuzzy - Blau (1973)
10. The Seebach Band - Bubble Sex (1977)
11. Henning Blegvad - Kling Klang (1973)
12. Peter Erling - Julehygge (1965)


lørdag den 3. december 2022

Jule-Jingle-Jangle 2022. Playliste 1. december 2022

1. Louis Armstrong - Christmas Night In Harlem (1955)
2. Hjelle & Bettan - Vår Jultradition (2021)
3. Cyndi Lauper - Home On Christmas Day (1998)
4. Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets - Winter Wonderland (2020)
5. Ricky Vera - How Can Santa Come To Puerto Rico? (1953)
6. The Replacements - Bundle Up (demo) (1987)
7. The Galaxies - Please Come Home For Christmas (1965)
8. Andrews Sisters & Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - Christmas Island (1946)
9. Joseph Spence - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (live) (1972)
10. Morphine - Sexy Christmas Baby Mine (live) (1993)
11. Eric Bachmann - I Was Made For Losing You (2019)
12. The No Ones - A Christmas Voice (I Don't Want To Bring You Into This World) (2022)
13. Chris Isaak - Almost Christmas (2022)
14. Loretta Lynn - Christmas Without Daddy (1966)
15. Daimi - Julemandens Kone (1972)
16. Dødens Garderobe feat. Anne Efternøler - Det Kan Du Få For En Krone (2021)
17. Gitte & Farmand - Julemandens Datter (1957)
18. Daniéle & Michéle - Le Petit Renne Au Nez Rouge (1965)
19, The Everly Brothers & The Boys Town Choir - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (1962)
20. Willie Nelson - Here Comes Santa Claus (1979)
21. El Vez - Christmas Time Is Here (1994)
22. Blondie & Fab 5 Freddy - Yuletide Throwdown (1981)
23. Ingrid og Lillebror - Juleaftensdag (1974)
24. Povl Dissing - Snemusen Knud (1973)
25. Frede Fup - Julefred (1982)
26. Bob Dylan - I'll Be Home For Christmas (2009)
27. Glen Campbell - It Must Be Getting Close To Christmas (1968)