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tirsdag den 30. august 2022

Summertime Blues #18 (2022). Playliste 29. august 2022

Årets sidste Summertime Blues. Endelig med noget blues. Radio Bluestime er tilbage på næste mandag.

1. Jessie Mae Hemphill - She-Wolf (1981)     
2. Junior Kimbrough - Sad Days, Lonely Nights (1994)           
3. Lightnin' Hopkins - Bring Me My Shotgun (1960)               
4. Momo Wandel Soumah - Matchowé (1992)                        
5. Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Downey To Lubbock (2018)              
6. Peter Case - Bumble Bee (2021)                   
7. Keith Richards - Goodnight Irene (2015)  
8. Elvis Presley - Beach Boys Blues (1961)     
9. Big Joe Turner And His Blues Kings - Hide & Seek (1955)
10. Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Gettin' Drunk (1954)                 
11. Blind Boy Fuller - I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy (1936)
12. Granpaboy - Take Out Some Insurance (2003)                 
13. Jimmy Reed - The Sun Is Shining (1957)
14. Sidney Bechet - Old Stack O'Lee Blues (1949)                   
15. Povl Dissing - Vinden Tuder (1967)           
16. The Gun Club - Cool Drink Of Water Blues (1981)           
17. Slim Harpo - I've Got Love If You Want It (1957)

fredag den 26. august 2022

Musik Loppen sensommer/efterår 2022 med booker Jasper Japser Jensen. Playliste 25. august 2022

1. Pinch Points - Copper (2022) (25/8)
2. The Plant x Izumisan Ensemble - Shaggs Attack (2021) (26/8)
3. Strand Of Oaks - Moon Landing (2019) (27/8)
4. Girlcrush - Schizo Super Star (2022) (2/9)
5. Shilpa Ray - Manic Pixie Dream Cunt (2022) (7/9)
6. Kassi Valazza - Sad Songs (2019) (8/9)
7. The Cynics - Waste Of Time (1986) (9/9)
8. Soccer Mommy - Unholy Affliction (2022) (10/9)
9. Hiraki - Common Fear (2021) (16/9)
10. Tricot - 暴露 (2021) (30/9)
11. Sam Outlaw - MFFIL (2022) (1/10)
12. Mellemblond - For At Noget Kan Blomstre (2021) (6/10)
13. Come - I Got The Blues (1992) (12/10)
14. John Craigie - Future Tripping (2022) (13/10)
15. Less Win - The Hanging (2020) (22/10)
16. Ibrahim Electric - Hr. & Fru Satan (live) (2016) (28/10)
17. Mykki Blanco ft. Michael Stipe - Family Ties (2022) (1/11)
18. Crack Cloud - Ouster Stew (2022) (9/11)
19. Amyl & The Sniffers - Hertz (2021) (10/11)
20. Sports Team - The Drop (2022) (11/11)


torsdag den 25. august 2022

Gruppe af surrealister. Paris 1933.

Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, André Breton, Hans Arp, Salvador Dalí, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, René Crevel og Man Ray. 

onsdag den 24. august 2022

Summertime Blues #17 (2022). Playliste 22. august 2022

Næstsidste Summertime Blues for i år.
1. Alawari - Elegi (2022)
2. Kassi Valazza - Running On Empty (2019)
3. James Yorkston And The Athletes - Sweet Jesus (2002)
4. Olesen-Olesen - Alle Linier Er Optaget (2002)
5. Radio 4 - Eyes Wide Open (2002)
6. Karate - Airport (2002)
7. Niels Skousen - Ikke Flere Tårer (2002)
8. Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free (2002)
9. Lambchop - D. Scott Parsley (2002)
10. Edwyn Collins - The Beatles (2002)
11. Yes Deer - Frikirke (2016)
12. Trader - Friend (2020) 
13. Slytter - Bølgemanden (2022)

fredag den 19. august 2022

Besøg af Knud Odde og Nils Lassen. Playliste 18. august 2022

1. Augustus Pablo - Arabian Rock (1974)
2. Lydsyn - Kat Ser Kat (2021)
3. Knud Odde - På Et Leje Af Roser (2022)
4. BlackieBlueBird - The Morning After (kommende single) (2022)
5. Hildegard Knef - Ostseelied (1966)
6. Henson Cargill - Skip A Rope (1967)
7. Sturgill Simpson - The Promise (2014)
8. Tortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Some Say (I Got Devil) (2006)
9. Staples Jr. Singers - When Do We Get Paid (1975)
10. Tim Buckley - Moulin Rouge (1970)
11. (((S))) - Mama, Do You Think It's Gonna Rain All Day (2022)
12. Rickie Lee Jone - Saturday Afternoons In 1963 (1979)
13. JK & Co - Fly (1968)
14. Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos (1978)
15. R.E.M - Flowers Of Guatemala (1986)
16. Lou Reed - Ride Into The Sun (1971)
17. Mickey Newbury - San Francisco Mabel Joy (1971)
18. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Going Going Gone (1982)
19. Death - Politicians In My Eyes (1975/2009)
20. Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang (1978)
21. Knud Odde - Det Knaldhårde Mørke (2022)

tirsdag den 16. august 2022

Angående ‘Arguing With The Ghost Of Peter Laughner About His Coney Island Baby Review’

I sidste uges Mod Strømmen-udsendelse lovede jeg at lægge Peter Laughners, fra Cleveland-bandet Rocket From The Tombs og det tidlige Pere Ubu, anmeldese af Lou Reeds 1975-plade, ’Coney Island Baby’, ud her på siden. Grunden var, at vi spillede 'Arguing With The Ghost Of Peter Laughner About His Coney Island Baby Review' med The Mountain Goats fra albummet ‘Dark In Here’, der kom sidste år.

Titlen på sangen holder dog ikke, hvad den lover, men det gør den bestemt ikke mindre uinteressant. John Darnielle, hovedmand i The Mountain Goats, har i et radiointerview fortalt, at nummeret handler om den bedste tekstforfatter i sin generation, afdøde David Berman fra Silver Jews. Og at, netop Berman, der tænkte hurtigt og klart, ikke ville have haft nogle problemer med at forstå sangtitlen.

Så skarp er jeg ikke. Så jeg genlæste Laughners kritik af ’Coney Island Baby’ for at finde en vej ind til sangen. Den vej, fandt jeg så ikke. Til gengæld fik jeg en anmeldelse, der af mange er blevet karakteriseret som et fadermord. Det skal I ikke snydes for:

“This album made me so morose and depressed when I got the advance copy that I stayed drunk for three days. I didn't go to work. I had a horrible physical fight with my wife over a stupid bottle of 10 mg. Valiums. (She threw an ashtray, a brick, and a five foot candelabra at me, but I got her down and sat on her chest and beat her head on the wooden floor.)

I called up the editor of this magazine (on my bill) and did virtually nothing but cough up phlegm in an alcoholic stupor for three hours, wishing somewhere in the back of my deadened brain that he could give me a clue as to why I should like this record.

I came on to my sister-in-law "C'mon over and gimme head while I'm passed out." I cadged drinks off anyone who would come near me or let me into their apartments. I ended up the whole debacle passing out stone cold after puking and pissing myself at a band rehearsal, had to be kicked awake by my lead singer, was driven home by my long-suffering best friend and force fed by his old lady who could still find it in the boundless reaches of her good heart to smile on my absolutely incorrigible state of dissolution...I willed her all of my wordly goods before dropping six Valiums (and three vitamin B complexes, so I must've figured to wake up, or at least at the autopsy they would say my liver was OK). Well, wake up I did, after sleeping sixteen hours, and guess what was running through my head, along with the visual images of flaming metropolises and sinking ocean liners foaming and exploding in vast whirling vortexes of salt water...

"Watch out for Charlie's girl...

She'll turn ya in...doncha know... 

Ya gotta watch out for Charlie's girl..."

Which is supposed to be the single off Coney Island Baby and therefore may be a big hit if promoted right, 'cause it's at least as catchy as "Saturday Night"...if they can just get four cute teens to impersonate Lou Reed.

Now, when I was younger, the Velvet Underground meant to me what the Stones, Dylan, etc. meant to thousands of other midwestern teen mutants. I was declared exempt from the literary curriculum of my upper class suburban high school simply because I showed the English department a list of books I'd glanced through while obsessively blasting White Light/White Heat on the headphones of my parents' stereo. All my papers were manic droolings about the parallels between Lou Reed's lyrics and whatever academia we were supposed to be analyzing in preparation for our passage into the halls of higher learning. "Sweet Jane" I compared with Alexander Pope, "Some Kinda Love" lined right up with T.S. Eliot's "Hollow Men" I had a rock band and we played all these songs, fueled pharmaceutically by our bassist who worked as a delivery boy for a drugstore and ripped off an entire gallon jar full of Xmas trees and brown & clears. In this way I cleverly avoided all intellectual and creative responsibilities at the cleavage of the decades (I did read all the Delmore Schwartz I could steal from local libraries, because of that oblique reference on the 1st Velvets LP). After all, a person with an electric guitar and access to obscurities like "I saw my head laughing, rolling on the ground" had no need of creative credentials...there was the rail-thin, asthmatic editoress of our school poetry mag, there was the unhappily married English teacher who drove me home and elsewhere in her Corvette...there were others (the girl who began to get menstrual cramps in perfect time to the drums in "Sister Ray"). Who needed the promise of college and career? Lou Reed was my Woody Guthrie, and with enough amphetamine I would be the new Lou Reed!

I left home. I wandered to the wrong coast. (Can you imagine trying to get people in Berkeley, California to listen to Loaded in 1971? Although maybe they all grew up and joined Earthquake...) When Lou's first solo album came out, I drove hundreds of miles to play it for ex-friends sequestered at small exclusive midwest colleges listening to the Dead and Miles Davis. Everyone from my high school band had gone on to sterling careers as psych majors, botanical or law students, or selling and drinking for IBM (Oh yeah except the drummer became a junkie and had a stroke and now he listens to Santana). All the girls I used to wow into bed with drugs and song married guys who were just like their brothers and moved to Florida or Chicago, leaving their copies of Blonde on Blonde and White Light in some closet along with the reams of amphetamine driven poetry I'd forced on them over the years. By the time Metal Machine Music came out, I'd lost all contact. The only thing that saved me from total dissolution over the summer of '75 was hearing Television three nights in a row and seeing The Passenger.

So all those people will probably never pay any attention to Coney Island Baby, and even if they did it wouldn't do much for what's left of their synapses. The damn thing starts out exactly like an Eagles record! And with the exception of "Charlie's Girl" which is mercifully short and to the point, it's a downhill slide. "My Best Friend" is a six year old Velvets outtake which used to sound fun when it was fast and Doug Yule sang lead. Here it dirges along at the same pace as "Lisa Says" but without the sexiness. You could sit and puzzle over the voiceovers on "Kicks" but you won't find much (isn't it cute, the sound of cocaine snorting, and is that an amyl popping in the left speaker?). Your headphones would be better utilized experiencing Patti Smith's brilliant triple-dubbed phantasmagoria on Horses.

Side two starts off with the WORST thing Reed has ever done, this limp drone self-scam where he goes on about being "a gift to the women of this world" (in fact this whole LP reminds me of the junk you hear on the jukeboxes at those two-dollar-a-beer stewardess pickup bars on 1st Ave. above 70th). There's one pick up point, "Oo-ee Baby" with the only good line on the record "your old man was the best B&E man down on the street," but then this Ric Von Schmidt rip-off which doesn't do anything at all.

Finally there's "Coney Island Baby." Just maudlin, dumb, self pity: "Can you believe I wann'd t'play football for th' coach"...Sure, Lou, when I was all uptight about being a fag in high school, I did too. Then it builds slightly, Danny Weiss tossing in a bunch of George Benson licks, into STILL MORE self pity about how it's tough in the city and the glory of Love will see you through. Maybe. Dragged out for six minutes.

Here I sit, sober and perhaps even lucid, on the sort of winter's day that makes you realize a New Year is just around the corner and you've got very little to show for it, but if you are going to get anything done on this planet, you better pick it up with both hands and DO IT YOURSELF. But I got the nerve to say to my old hero, hey Lou, if you really mean that last line of "Coney Island Baby": "You know I'd give the whole thing up for you," then maybe you ought to do just that.”

- Creem Magazine, marts 1976 

Summertime Blues #16 (2022). Playliste 15. august 2022

1. Skiftande Enheter - Lyckan i Din Hand (2022)
2. Knud Odde - Det Knaldhårde Mørke (2022)
3. Mekons - The Olde Trip To Jerusalem (2002)
4. The Black Heart Procession - A Cry For Love (2002)
5. Paul Westerberg - Boring Enormous (2002)
6. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Last DJ (2002)
7. Sonic Youth - The Empty Page (2002)
8. Richmond Fontaine - 5 Degrees Below Zero (2002)
9. Baby Woodrose - Never Coming Back (2002)
10. Reigning Sound - Reptile Style (2002)
11. Amdi Petersens Armé - Dødt Liv (2002)
12. The Notwist - Pilot (2002)
13. Pimpon - I Go (2022)  
14. Billy Bragg - Good Days And Bad Days (2021)

fredag den 12. august 2022

Summer Groovin' #7 (afslutning) (2022). Playliste 11. august 2022

1. Yuck - Get Away (2011)
2. Go-Kart Mozart - The Sun (2012)
3. The Go-Betweens - Surfing Magazines (2000)
4. MC Yallah & Debmaster - Balibanyoma (2019)
5. Dio - Caught In The Middle (1983)
6. Plan 9 - Poor Boy (1985)
7. Oingo Boingo - On The Outside (1981)
8. Sylvester And The Hot Band - Southern Man (1973)
9. Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling (1983)
10. Povl Dissing - Den Første Gang Jeg Så Dig (1967)
11. Povl Dissing & Benny Andersen - Da Jeg Mødte Dig (1981)
12. The Mountain Goats - Arguing With The Ghost Of Peter Laughner About His Coney Island Baby Review (2021)
13. Prince - Alphabet St. (1988)
14. Ben LaMar Gay - Ye Ye (2018)
15. Jørgen Thomsen & Kashmir - Gadehandler Kaj (1972)
16. Bob Dylan - Friend Of The Devil (live i Den Grå Hal) (1996)
17. Peter Belli - Vogn 67 (1980)
18. Bleeding Hearts - Gone (1993/2022)
19. Kim Larsen & Kjukken - Sommeren Er Gået (1996)
20. Pink Mountaintops - Nikki Go Sudden (2022)

tirsdag den 9. august 2022

Summertime Blues #15 (2022). Playliste 8. august 2022

1. Lou Reed - Sister Ray (live) (1973)               
2. Nausia - Juli (2020)               
3. Belle And Sebastian - I Know Where The Summer Goes (1998)
4. Terry Calliers - You Goin' Miss Your Candyman (1972)
5. Amon Düül II - Wie der Wind am Ende einer Strasse (1972)
6. Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young (1972)
7. Archie Shepp - Attica Blues (1972)
8. Pure Prairie League - Jazzman (1972)
9. Phyllis Dillon - I Can't Forget About You Baby (1972)
10. John Prine - Souvenirs (1972)
11. Monokultur - För Sent (2021)                                                  
12. Al-Dos Band - Doing Our Thing With Pride (1976)
13. The Grateful Dead - Truckin' (live) (1971)

Letter From The Saints

lørdag den 6. august 2022

Summer Groovin' #6 (2022). Besøg af Part Time Records. Playliste 4. august 2022

1. Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps - Summertime (1958)
2. Assegai - Grænseværdi (2022)
3. The Go-Betweens - Streets Of Your Town (1988)
4. The Scientists - Last Night (1980)
5. Tristan T - Sommersang (1984)
6. Devo - Space Junk (1978)
7. Lucinda Williams - Howlin' At Midnight (1980)
8. Sparklehorse - Sunshine (1998)
9. Gal Costa - Baby Gal (1969)
10. Link Wray - Juke Box Mamma (1971)
11. Alex Izenberg - Egyptian Cadillac (2022)
12. Lød - Så Blå (2017)
13. Alle - Få En Gave (2018)
14. The Courtneys - Silver Velvet (2017)
15. Van Morrison - High Summer (1999)
16. Steve Hiett - Blue Beach (1983)
17. MJ Lenderman - You Have Bought Yourself A Boat (2022)
18. Poly Styrene - Sub-Tropical (1981)
19. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Too Much Time (1972)
20. The Breeders - Divine Hammer (1993)
21. Television Personalities - Stop And Smell The Roses (1984)

tirsdag den 2. august 2022

Summertime Blues #14 (2022). Playliste 1. august 2022

1. Dexy Midnight Runners - Dance Stance (1979)                   
2. Hjelle - En Gång Var Det Sommar (2021)
3. Lød - Fælled (2017)              
4. Yung - Vicious Circle (2014)                           
5. Svin - Dødsensangst (2022)
6. Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (1972)
7. Big Star - In The Street (1972)
8. Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love (Love Song) (1972)
9. NEU! - Lieber Honig (1972)
10. T-Rex - Buick MacKane (1972)
11. Charles Mingus - Adagio Ma Non Troppo (1972)
12. Writhe - Molding Spines (2022)
13. Dirtmusic - Western Lands (2022)            
14. Teenage Fanclub - In Our Dreams (2021)
15. Erik Nervous - Jazz Cunt (2017)