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tirsdag den 31. august 2021

Summertime Blues #12 (2021). Playliste 30. august 2021

1. Abranis - Chenag Le Blues (1977)
2. Tamikrest - Itous (2013)
3. Alasdair Roberts - The Problem With Freedom (2015)
4. Whistler - Hater’s Paradise 2 (2020)
5. Hernia - Hate It (2021)
6. 10,000 Maniacs - Hey Jack Kerouac (1987)                           
7. The Windbreakers - All That Stuff (1985) 
8. Lou Reed - Sick Of You (1989)
9. The Lost Loves - Promises (2017)
10. Big Mess - New Life, Same T-Shirt (2020)
11. Smertegrænsens Toldere - The Minds Of 99 (2020)
12. The Long Ryders - Sweet Mental Revenge (1984)
13. Pixies - Cactus (1988)
14. Green On Red - Easy Way Out (1985)      
15. Died Pretty - Springenfall (1988)
16. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry - Saint Selassie (2008)
17. Wheelie Xtender Group - Out Site (2021)
18. Tristan T - Cowboysang (1984)
19. The Rolling Stones - Stray Cat Blues (1968)

mandag den 30. august 2021

“Say It Loud! I’m A Deadhead And Proud!” Svar på tiltale…

“Someone sent me a copy of your Grateful Dead review. (in which BAM contributor Mark Levition wrote, “So-called adventuresome people who dig Black Flag probably wouldn’t be caught alive at a Grateful Dead concert.” I saw that Grateful show in Irvine!. I’ve also seen them three times in Oakland and once in San Diego since the Irvine show. I’ve also seen them many times in past years. The Dead is my favorite band.

What we find is that there are Dead fans at show outside of California. California’s music scene is remarkably segmented. Bands like Black Flag and the Dead draw all kinds of music fans to performances outside of California. But maybe things are changing. I saw some Black Flag shirts at the San Diego show.

I feel that in terms of approach and music the Dead have been a big influence on Black Flag from the beginning. We love the Dead. Glad that you do too!

Greg Ginn

Black Flag guitarist


fredag den 27. august 2021

Shoot From The Hip #12 (2021). Playliste 26. august 2021

1. The Rolling Stones - Stupid Girl (1966)
2. Willie Hutch - Mack Man (Got To Get Over) (1973)
3. Blacktop - Tornado Love (1994)
4. Lou Reed - Peggy Sue (2011)
5. Hamish Kilgour - Smile (2014)
6. David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - Christopher Columbus (2013)
7. The Jayhawks - I'd Run Away (1995)
8. The Everly Brothers - Shady Grove (1968)
9. Uffe Lorenzen & LydSyn - Kat Ser Kat (2021)
10. The Bevis Frond - Barking Or False Point Blues (1996)
11. Kim Larsen & Kjukken - Bare For At Gøre En Forskel (2012)
12. The Kinks - Yes Sir, No Sir (1969)
13. Kiss - Strutter (1974)
14. Cub Scout Bowling Pins - Space Invader (2021)
15. Melvins - Deuce (live) (2017)
16. Magnus Knudsen feat. Ida Wenøe - Se Igennem Det (2021)
17. ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (live) (2013)
18. Dan Penn - Lodi (1973)
19. Black Francis - When They Come To Murder Me (2008)
20. The Violent Femmes - Me And You (1991/2021)                                           
21. The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice (1972)

onsdag den 25. august 2021

Summertime Blues #11 (2021). Playliste 23. august 2021

1. René Madsen - B-Menneske Blues (2006)
2. The Everly Brothers - Made To Love (1960)
3. Debre Damo Dining Orchestra - 3DO I (2019)
4. Giant Sand - October Anywhere (1985)
5. Wipers - So Young (1983)  
6. Watermelon Men - Pretty Days In The Summertime (1985)
7. Chopper - Misanthrope (2021)                     
8. Flaming Tunes - Breast Stroke (1985)
9. Los Lobos - Love Special Delivery (2021)   
10. Lyres - Don't Give It Up Now (1984)
11. Flying Color - It Doesn't Matter (1987)
12. The Soft Boys - Positive Vibrations (1980)
13. Eyes - Surf (2020)
14. Tvivler - Vold (2020)
15. John Dwyer And Co. - X-Cannibal's Kiss (2021)
16. Dinosaur Jr. - In A Jar (1987)                       
17. Guadalcanal Diary - Pillow Talk (1984)
18. Peter Brötzmann - Lady Sings The Blues (2019)

fredag den 20. august 2021

Gong Tomorrow 2021. Playliste 19. august 2021

1. Silvia Tarozzi - Al Cancello (2020)
2. Astrid Sonne - Fields Of Grass (2021)
3. Don Cherry - Om Shanti Om (live) (1976)
4. Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Chetu (live) (1982)
5. Neneh Cherry - Manchild (1989)
6. Deep Listening Band - Geocentric (1991)
7. Khyam Allami - Apotome Tutorial (CTM Festival) (2021)
8. MC Yallah - Nasonga (2019)
9. Duma - Mbukinya (2021)
10. SØS Gunver Ryberg - Palacelike Timescale Of Black (2019)


torsdag den 19. august 2021

"Tripping Out On The New Psychedelia"

"David Roback, guitarist and singer for the Rain Parade, suddenly grew testy as he sat in a West Hollywood restaurant.

“We have got nothing to do with 1965, damn it”, he shouted, slapping his right hand on the table. Pausing, he added, “We’re 1971 all the way.”

 With that, he broke into laughter.

Picking up Roback’s cue, fellow Rain Parade member Matthew Piucci said, “Yeah we’ll be doing several Slade covers.”

The two musicians were making light in the line of questioning, but underneat the banter, they were also showing their impatience with the theme at hand: Is there a ‘60s revival going on in Los Angeles rock?

Like other young bands in Los Angeles, Rain Parade has been identified as part of a burgeoning “scene within a scene” here. The attention stems from the rise of a group of bands that draw upon the music (and, in a few cases, the fashions) of the middle and late ‘60s in honing their own post-punk styles.

Billboard magazine even speculated recently that this “new psychedelia” could be the next big thing after techno-pop runs its commercial course.

So you’d think the groups would be excited about all that talk that’s being generated.


“That revivalist label is belittling”, said the Bangles’ Vicki Peterson. “It implies that we are taking stuff that has already been done and just trying to bring it back and call it our own. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We’re writing songs that mean something to us now in the ‘80s”

Agreed Matthew Piucci: “Revivalism implies intent, and I think that’s extremely misconstrued. Songwriters reject the notion of an intent to bring back something that’s already happened. We’re not trying to bring back paisley shirts and Nehru jackets.”

Snapped Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn, “If you’re going to insist on repeating history, you’re going to be obsolete in a hurry.”

If what’s going on in Los Angeles isn’t a revival, then what is it?

The consensus among the musicians involved is that a small, tightly knit group of friends and associates - all roughly contemporary in age, all raised on ‘60s radio and records, and all developing songwriters - has evolved in the city.

The “paisley underground” or “psychedelic revival,” as it’s often termed, encompasses a variety of ‘60s styles. Echoes of the era can be heard on a number of new local albums and Eps: the Doorsy organ sound of Green on Red, the trippy “baroque pop” of the Three O’Clock, the Pink Floydian drones of the Rain Parade, the country rock of the Long Ryders and garage grunge of the Unclaimed (See Craig Lee’s commentary, Page 84). Dream Syndicate, whose sound hearkens back to the Velvet Underground and the rocking Bob Dylan, and the all-girl Bangles, whose pop harmonies spin off from the Mamas and the Papas and the Beatles, will have new albums out after the turn of the year.

If these individual projects aren’t enough to confirm the presence of a revival, there is also a new collaborative album, “Rainy Day”, that could be the best evidence of the phenomenon. Produced by Roback, the LP consists of acoustic versions of familiar and obscure songs by the leading lights of ‘60s rock - Dylan, Lou Reed, the who, the Byrds, Jimi Hendrix and others - performed by a who’s who og these “paisley punks”, including members of the Bangels, the Rain Parade, the Three O’Clock and Dream Syndicate.

On the evolution of the movement, the long Ryders’ Sid Griffin observed: “There was a social scene going before any of these people were in bands to speak of. When you’re palying this type of music in L.A., sooner or later your paths will cross.”

Indeed, only a couple of the musicians knew each other before they started playing in bands. Roback and Susanna Hoffs grew up together in Northern California, but they are the exception to the the rule.

Most of the musicians met by chance: Steve Wynn and the members of Green on Red and the Rain Parade found themselves together at the Rains Parade’s first show at the Cathay de Grande, and the Bangles and the Three O’Clock (then known as the Salvation Army) shared several club dates.

Musical collaborations naturally followed. Wynn and Griffin were partnered in an embryonic version of the Long Ryders, and Piucci joined Green on Red for four months during a Rain Parade hiatus. The most obvious byproduct of these extracurricular friendships was the “Rainy Day” project.

“The album is unrehearsed performances of the favorite songs of myself and some of my friends,” Roback said. “There’s no reason why anyone should be limited to working in their own band. I felt, ‘Why not work with other people for the pure fun og it?’ ”

The unpolished, campfire-singalong atmosphere of “Rainy Day” typifies these young performers’ affection for the songs of the’60s - the linchpin that bonds their stylistically diverse groups together. The Band members - almost all of whom are in their early to middle 20s - grew up on the radio of the decade, and those long-ago sounds have fueled their own songwriting.

“We were all like 10 years old or younger during the ‘60s”, said Dan Stuart, the 22-year-oldsinger-guitarist for Green on Red. “Am radio back then was fantastic - ‘Pushing Too Hard’, followed by the Kinks, followed by the Doors. What you hear subliminally as a kid comes out later, when you’re trying to write what’s in your heart and soul.”

Indeed, the scene’s emphasis is original writing - writing that, as evidenced by the new songs of Steve wynn, the Bangles and others, is becoming increasingly less dependent on imitation.

“Most of the bands will eventually do more than just paraphrase the ’Nuggets’ album,” Wynn said, referring to a seminal collection of ‘60s garage-punk songs. “Every local band has one or two good songwriters.”

Added Griffin, who at 28 is an elder on the scene: “Few bands come out of the chute with a readily identifiable style of their own. What we’re seeing now is people getting to know their instruments and their creative capacities - the equivalent of watching your child crawl and take the first steps.”

If there is anything that bonds the local band members together, it isn’t any stale ideas of revivalism, but mutual affection and respect - for both their contemporaries and their musical predecessors.

“What we have is relationship that’s based on the music that each of these groups is doing,” Peterson said. “We learn from these people, and they learn from the things we like to do, like singing harmonies. I think there’s nothing wrong with that - it’s been missing in this town.”

As the musicians are schooled by each other, they also develop their own nascent musical identities by studying the songs of the ‘60s.

“To grow in any discipline, you are invariably drawn to the greatness of those who have come before you,” Roback said. “There have been a number of great songwriters who have come befor our time that we have been profoundly influenced by.”

In other words, the past has its uses, a notion supported by Sid Griffin: “Rickenbacker 12-strings, Vox amps and fuzztones are the best way for us to express what we’re doing now. I can use these tools a lot better than I can a synthesixer. We didn’t invent or originate these things- we’re extending them, trying to use them in a new way. We’re not revivalists - we’re elementalists.”

- Chris Morris, L.A. Times, 8. december 1983.

tirsdag den 17. august 2021

Summertime Blues #10 (2021). Playliste 16. august 2021

1. Don Cherry - Buddha's Blues (1976)
2. Yo La Tengo - The Pain Of Pain (1986)       
3. The Dukes Of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry (1985)            
4. Droogs - Countdown To Zero (1987)
5. Motorsav - Min Nat Er Fuld Af Stemmer (2020)                 
6. Power Face - Door Slammed Shut (2020)
7. Television Personalities - World Of Pauline Lewis (1981)
8. Thin White Rope - Down In The Desert (1985)                    
9. Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (1988)                     
10. The Replacements - Nightclub Jitters (1987)                     
11. Deadringer - Donnie (2021)                         
12. Vilde Græs - Røde Flod (2018)
13. Mellemblond - I Mit Stille Sind (2020)
14. The Rain Parade - Don't Feel Bad (1985)
15. The Fuzztones - Gotta Get Some (1985) 
16. The Church - Field Of Mars (1982)            
17. The Woolen Men - Mexico City Blues (2019)

fredag den 13. august 2021

Frigjort Festival 2021. Playliste 12. august 2021

1. Brimheim - Exquisite Bliss (2020)
2. Baby In Vain - 2019 (2020)
3. Disarmer - Beaming Before Scheming (2021)
4. Yellow Spoon - Octopus (2021)
5. Strongboi - Honey Thighs (2020)
6. SlimO - My Voice Is Real (2020)
7. Elsker Dig For Altid - Marble (2020)
8. Tan - Pharmacy (2019)
9. Lyra Valenza - Low B4 (2020)
10. Josefine Opsahl - Liquid Entity (2019)
11. Bjørn Svin - 101 Engle (1999)
12. dj funboi & ricc xitt - Clasa XIII (2021)
13. Afskum - Moderne Ondskab (2021)
14. Ublu - The Light (2020)
15. De Må Være Belgiere - Ineffektiv (2021)
16. Kate NV - Kata (2016)
17. Prisma - I Never Wanted To Meet You (2021)
18. Debbie Sings - Satanizer (2021)

onsdag den 11. august 2021

Summertime Blues #9 (2021). Playliste 9. august 2021

1. Wee Bea Booze - These Young Men Blues (1944)
2. The Long Ryders - Mason-Dixon Line (1985)
3. Hoodoo Gurus - Zanzibar (1984)
4. The Chills - Rain (1987)       
5. Baujillaud - Some People (2021)
6. Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Brian Jackson - Ethiopian Sunshower (2021)
7. Um Gajo é Parvo - Cars (2021)
8. Died Pretty - Blue Sky Day (1986)
9. The Dream Syndicate - The Medicine Show (1984)
10. New Race - New Race (live) (1982)
11. Thin White Rope - Crawl, Piss, Freeze (1987)
12. Poly Styrene - Dreaming (1981)
13. StrongBoi - Tuff Girl (2020)                          
14. The Church - Already Yesterday (1985)
15. The Feelies - Original Love (1980)             
16. Leizure - Sylvia’s Comedown (2020)        
17. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Bundle Of Blues (1933)

lørdag den 7. august 2021

Summer Groovin' #6 (2021) med Måneskjold. Playliste 5. august 2021

1. Måneskjold - Atomknuser (2021)
2. Madmans Moustache - Wizards (2015)
3. Sume ‎- Aasarisseruttoraa / Højsommer (1974)
4. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Ngoma Yarira (1974)
5. Baby Woodrose - Flaminica (2001)
6. Troels Jørgensen - Sunny Day (2016)
7. The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit (1990)
8. The Troggs - Night Of The Long Grass (1967)
9. Centrum - Som En Spegel (2019)
10. Fun Boy Three - Summertime (1982)
11. Måneskjold - Fjernsyn (2021)
12. MU - Drink From The Fountain (1982)
13. Ond Tro - Hooked På At Dø (2017)
14. Povl Dissing, Peter Thorup, Ken Gudmand, Knut Henriksen - Skin Solskin (1980)
15. The Hedgehogs - Yellow Note (2012)
16. Butthole Surfers - Tongue (1993)
17. Beat Happening - Indian Summer (1988)
18. Måneskjold - Primus (2021)

fredag den 6. august 2021

50 countryplader enhver rockfan bør kende…

”Inventing soul music as a combination of blues sensuality and gospel fervor, as Ray Charles did, would be enough to put him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's inaugural class. But Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music is even more audacious, quite possibly the ultimate crossover move. Running country standards by the likes of Hank Williams and Eddy Arnold through his inimitable soul-man filter, Charles won over both audiences — and even beat Frank Sinatra at his own big-band game. That's a mighty big tent, but they didn't call Charles "the Genius" for nothing. Astoundingly, Modern Sounds and its Volume Two follow up (the rare sequel that's just as good as its predecessor) took a grand total of five days in the studio. Even more astoundingly, Charles' label tried to talk him out of doing it. As Charles remembered it in Rolling Stone a decade later, ABC-Paramount's brass told him, "You can't do no country-western things. . .You're gonna lose all your fans!" Instead, Modern Sounds became ABC-Paramount's first million-selling album”

Om Ray Charles’ 'Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music’, der kom i 1962.

Rolling Stone har udarbejdet en liste med 50 countryplader som enhver rockfan bør kende. Jeg kender ikke Ray Charles-pladen, selvom den ligger nummer tre på listen. Med andre ord, jeg har noget hjemmearbejde at gøre. Se alle 50 album herunder.

onsdag den 4. august 2021


foldes sammen i havnen
henter glemte togvogne
ud af strandede varmeskrog
molerne spændt
om ustandselig
nedstyrtende grønhed
isprængt vinger
og rasende
krummede arme
de svømmende
og de døde
disse småbitte glimt
i vandet
øjet møder
når det synker
langs ankerkæden
deres smykkers
hilsen os …
de påfølgende
de svømmende
de døde
- fra Henrik Nordbrandts debut ’Digte’ (1966) 

tirsdag den 3. august 2021

Summertime Blues #8 (2021). Playliste 2. august 2021

1. Naturel Child - Country Hippie Blues (2014)
2. Roberta Flack - Go Up, Moses (1971)
3. Plan 9 - Dealing With The Dead (1983)
4. The Rain Parade - Kaleidoscope (1983)
5. The Cramps - Voodoo Idol (1981)
6. City X - Dansende Drenge (1983)                 
7. Måneskjold - Koi Koimetérion (2021)
8. Giant Sand - Last Legs (1986)                        
9. R.E.M. - Driver 8 (1984)
10. Eleventh Dream Day - Nothing's Ever Lost (2021)
11. Ipek Yolu - Ayvaz (2021)
12. Bab L' Bluz - Waydelel (2020)
13. Jaleh Negari - The Harvester (2021)
14. Plasticland - Color Appreciation (1984)
15. Game Theory - We Love You, Carol And Alison (1987)
16. The Beatles - Yer Blues (1968)