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fredag den 15. februar 2019

The Foreign Resort. Playliste 14. februar 2019

1. Traitrs - Burnt Offerings (2016)
2. The Foreign Resort - Outnumbered (2019)
3. Then Comes Silence - Mothman (2013)
4. Film School - Don't Send My Love (2018)
5. New Canyons - Everyone Is Dark (2013)
6. Creux Lies - Eulogy (2018)
7. Actors - L'appel Du Vide (2018)
8. Melted Mirror - Open Wire (2019)
9. Operators - Cold Light (2016)
10. Waitress - Goblin (2017)
11. A Place To Bury Strangers - Keep Slipping Away (2009)
12. The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost (2017)
13. Prgrm - Rebel (2015)
14. Nite - Moonlight (2017)
15. Night Drive - Rise And Fall (2017)

onsdag den 13. februar 2019

The Foreign Resort i Mod Strømmen

I morgen bevæger jeg mig ud i et terræn, som jeg kun har betrådt ganske overfladisk. Med andre ord, så stikker min viden om den scene The Foreign Resort er en del af ikke særligt dybt. Det er en scene, der lever og har det fortrinligt udenfor mediemøllens søgelys. Et sted, så jeg, scenen omtalt som the new wave of  postpunk. Om det er dækkende ved jeg ikke. Darkwave og coldwave bliver også nævnt. Scenen er vist især stor i det tysktalende Europa, men USA og Canada kan også være med. Under alle omstændigheder er det et stykke tid siden, at jeg har hørt om et dansk orkester med så megen touraktivitet i nævnte områder.

The Foreign Resort debuterede for omkring ti år siden. Siden er det blevet til et par album, samt en række ep’er og singler. I efteråret var de i studiet for at indspille et nyt album. Udsendelsen i morgen bliver en form for optakt til den skandinaviske turné, gruppen har planlagt i samarbejde med canadiske Traitrs og svenske Then Comes Silence. Den begynder i Odense, d. 22. februar, hvorefter den kommer forbi Stengade, dagen efter, og derpå fortsætter til Gøteborg, Stockholm og Helsinki.

The Foreign Resort nye plade, der kommer til at hedde ’Outnumbered’, kommer først på gaden til april, men det fejrer bandet til gengæld med en release-tour til USA, hvor der indtil videre venter seksten koncerter.

Her titelnummeret:

Lyt med i morgen, torsdag d. 14. februar, hvor The Foreign Resort kigger forbi Mod Strømmen. Det sker, kl. 18.00, på enten 98.9 FM eller via Tunein eller den direkte livestream.

søndag den 10. februar 2019

”The Cure, or Sting are negative because it’s so artificial and takes you nowhere”. I bedste poesibog stil…

Fra det kortlivede engelske musikmagasin ’Underground’. Efter en hurtig udregning må årstallet være 1987.

“1. Full name
2. Age and date of birth
3. Previous bands
4. What do you think you’re most famous for?
5. If you weren’t such a famous mega-star, what would be the job you’d least like to do?
6. Favourite hobby
7. Favourite album of your own
8. Favourite album of all time
9. Who would you most like to collaborate with (alive or dead)
10. If you could see justice done in one situation in the world, where would you choose?
11. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, what do you believe in?
12. Favourite time of the day?
13. Favourite waste of time
14. What do you love most about America?
15. What do you love most about Britain?
16. What do you hate most about what journalists say about you?
17. What would you like to eat tonight?
18. What records are you currently listening to?
19. Next release
20. Predictions for the future

Henry Rollins

1. Henry Rollins
2. 26; 13/2/61
3. Black Flag, SOA
4. I play hard, I scream loud. Black Flag, a band that might have influenced people to form at band
5. Have a boss and work from 9 to 5. The straight thing
6. Doing this, writing and being on the road
7. My new one, Lifetime
8. Funhouse by The Stooges
9. I am collaborating with Lydia Lunch already, som maybe Wagner, because he was into crash-bang-boom! Also Nietsche
10. I´d like to see policemen and police forces brought to trial and exposed for how much they break the law they’re supposed to obey. As Nietsche said, “with much justice, comes a sense of revenge”. Cops brought to trial for beating up women, smacking kids, flushing 15 year old boys’ heads down toilets, stuff like that
11. Life and Death
12. Early morning, because when I can wrench myself out of bed and can get an early start on the day and see the sun come up, I usually have a very productive day.
13. Daydreaming, like you’re riding to a show and you just space out. I’ve made my head a very nice place to go.
14. Probably the convenience aspect - everywhere stays open all the time and I don’t have to walk a mile to a phone that works, like in Britain. Also the geography - if you want desert, or swamp, or forest, you’ve got it.
15. What the geography has done to the people in it. You lot don’t get enough sunshine, fresh air, fresh fruit and vegetables. You can’t stretch your arms here. Also, in the urban parts, it’s very hellish and depressing. I’m surprised you don’t have more youth gangs, youth murders and youth suicides.
16. When they say I’m negative, which is the last thing I am. To me, The Cure or Sting are negative because it’s so artificial and takes you nowhere. When I wrte a song about feeling like I wanna blow myself off, and dealing with that feeling, I’m seen as negative, just because I don’t believe in hope, but in going out and making things happen.
17. A righteous vegetarian meal
18. Lightning Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Madonna, Sonic Youth, Hendrix, Velvet Underground, Gun Club.
19. The collaboration with Lydia, and many more
20. A general swing to the right in America. We’re going to go back to Lenny-Bruce-in-handcuffs times.

Eugene Chadbourne

1. Eugene Alexander Chadbourne
2. 33; 4/1/56
3. The Moslems, Daytop Village, Colorado Boys, The Chadbournes, Western Music Improvisation Co., 300 Statues, 400 Statues, Twins, Shockabilly, Son Of Shockabilly, Psychedelic Basement
4. The invention of the electric rake
5. The army
6. Gardening
7. My next album, Camper van Chadbourne
8. Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
9. Willie Nelson
10. … …. the Eastern European countries …. in open economic exchange system, plus have the American government apologize to Fidel Castro
11. I believe in reincarnation. The lady said to me I had been executed in the French revolution in a previous life
12. Four o’clock in the morning because if you’re awake, no-one else is.
13. Going through immigration and custom an passport control
14. Probably the landscape in the West
15. ….. …. Margaret Thatcher, she’s pretty …. …. immigration control reflects her …..
17. My own cooking, because I’ve been away from home. Nice fresh vegetables and …..
18. Polish Country & western records. ….. radio, the sound of USSR and USA joining each other’s broadcast. Great montages of sound.
19. A …. record, called Kill Eugene, plus an …. …. all my songs and half Tim Buckleys recorded with some Camper Van Beethoven.
20. That home taping will not destroy the music industry

Alex Chilton

1. William Alexander Chilton
2. 36; 28/1/50
3. The Deviles, The Box Tops, Big Star, Panther Burns
4. Singing The Letter
5. I’ve probably done it - janitor , dishwasher, and cab driver…I don’t think I can go much lower than that
6. Reading
7. The new one, High Priest
8. The genius of Ray Charles
9. Wreckless Eric, I just love his live stuff on that Live Stiffs LP
10. South Africa
11. Astrology
12. The morning - you wake up in the morning and …. Fresh and the air is clean
13. Hanginmg around the house
14. The sprawl of the place, plus the variety, so many different kinds of climate. The fact that it’s not so crowded.
15. The fact that English people in general can be …….. snotty and snobby to Americans
16. When they use the words ‘shimmering’ or ……… or ‘textured’ when talking about Big Star records - their lack of being able to write about music without using those terms. The way that if you’re working with somebody, and you decide to work with someone else, writers tend to make it into big hassle or falling out, like when Chris Bell left Big Star. It’s so often not the case at all
17. Lamb chops
18. Nelson Riddle’s Theme From Route 66, the TV show, and nothing to do with the other song. Chanson D’ Amour by Art and Doddy Todd. No favourite album though
19. Good question
20. Calfornia will fall into the sea, nuclear war, economic disaster"

fredag den 8. februar 2019

Alice vinter/forår 2019. Spilleliste 7. februar 2019

OBS! Hvor andet ikke er angivet, finder koncerten sted på Alice, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 N.

1. Söndörgő - Marice (2014) (Bremen Teater / 9. maj)
2. Dreamers’ Circus - Then We Waltzed (2017) (Bremen Teater / 9. maj)
3. Alasdair Roberts - The Fair Flower Of Northumerland (2018) (Christianshavns Beboerhus / 9. februar)
4. Mute Swimmer - Some Examples (2011) (1. april)
5. The Mekons - The Hope And The Anchor (2007) (9. april)
6. The Mekons - Lawrence Of California (2019) (9. april)
7. This Heat - Makeshift Swahili (1981) (5. + 6. marts)
8. The Invisible Hands - The Same (2013) (25. marts)
9. Maurice Loucas Elephantine Band - Laika (2019) (1. marts)
10. Ghédalia Tazartès - Orient Calling (2016) (4. april)
11. Monsieur Doumani - Hey You (2018) (Spectacle Festival / Sankt Johannes Kirke / 26. + 27. april)
12. Heather Leigh - Days Without You (2018) (Spectacle Festival / 26. + 27. april) 
13. Sarah Davachi - For Organ (2017) (Sankt Johannes Kirke / 15. marts)
14. Kokoko! - Azo Toke (2018) (11. februar)
15. Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band - Mantcha Mantcha (2018) (26. marts)

tirsdag den 5. februar 2019

Vinter/forår på spillestedet Alice i Mod Strømmen

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Alasdair Roberts & Völvur, Kokoko!, Kogekunst + Himmelrum, Maurice Louca’s Elephantine, This Is Not This Heat, Samba Touré, The Mekons, Fire! og Housewives er blot en forsvindende lille del  af de navne, Alice præsenterer de næste måneder, som jeg kraftigt overvejer at dukke op til.

1. februar fejrede det lille spillested bag Skt. Hans Torv et års fødselsdag. Et år spækket med koncerter. Jeg har hørt alt fra freejazz, afrobeat, ja, jeg magter nærmeste ikke at remse alle de genrevarianter op, som jeg har været vidne til i den gamle gymnastiksal på Nørre Allé. Her efter fødselsdagen, fortsætte Alice med ufortrøden styrke, der er såmænd også kommet en festival med navnet Spectacle på programmet.

Lyt med, når bookerne Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen og Peter Hvalkof, nu på torsdag, d. 7. februar, kl. 18.00, tager på ekskursion i vinter- og forårsprogrammet 2019. Stil ind på enten 98.9 FM eller via Tunein eller den direkte livestream.

søndag den 3. februar 2019

Note til mig selv. Før og efter Fofoulah. Alice, d. 2. februar 2019


Abdel Al Aziz Al Mubarak - Ma Kunta Aarif Yarait
Ruth Brown - I Don’t Know
Bembeya Jazz National - Petit Sekou
Jingo - Fever
C.A. Quintet - Bury Me In A Marijuana Field
Tsehaytu Beraki - Ilkanere Beantebo
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - Malcom X
The Great Unwashed - Can’t Find Water
The Velvet Underground - I Love You (demo)
Ofege - It’s Not Easy
Jean-Francois Pauvros - Waiting For Alice
La Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - Shacaloa
Kris Kristofferson - Quinn The Eskimo
Iceage - Plead The Fifth
Jack McDuff - Who’s Pimping Who
Ifi Jerry Crusade - Everybody Likes Something Good
Thomas Mapfumo - Chii Chati Go-o!
Marie Daulme - Pour Le Blues


Wilbert Harrison - Let’s Stick Together
Goatman - Hum Bebass Nahin
Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & The Congos - Happy Song
Jess Sah Bi & Peter One - African Chant
Linval Thompson - Mariguana
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Akoko Ba
Kokoko! - Longola Ye Kupe
Mekons - Cocaine Lil
Sons Of Kemet - My Queen Is Angela Davies
Butthole Surfers - Mexican Caravan
Nora Dean - Angie La La
Dr. Didg - King Tut
Meridian Brothers - Poema Del Salsero Resentido
Dana Gillespie - Weren’t Born A Man

fredag den 1. februar 2019

Journey Fest. 2019 / Yung. Playliste 31. januar 2019

1. Bo Ningen - Slider (2014)
2. Yung - Creeps (2014)
3. Night Beats - One Thing (2019)
4. Weed - Heal (2013)
5. Communions - Here And Now (2018)
6. Human Abfall - 14 Tage Urlaub (2014)
7. Yves Tumor - Noid (2018)
8. Wipers - Wait A Minute (1980)
9. Yung - The Regulators (2015)
10. Black Midi - Bmbmbm (live) (2018)
11. Devo - Gates Of Steel (1980)
12. Angelo De Augustine - Time (2019)
13. Fleetwood Mac - Book Of Love (1982)
14. Homeshake - Like Mariah (2018)
15. Ought - The Combo (2015)
16. The Murlocs - Comfort Zone (2019)
17. Yung - Pills (2016)