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søndag den 3. januar 2021

Nytårsgave fra Steve Wynn

Jeg gvier ordet til Wynn:

”I was in Port Antonio, Jamaica with my Baseball Project gang and a bunch of other pals seven years ago for a birthday celebration. One day a few of us ventured into town and came across a shack that said "Recording Studio--$40/hour." Naturally we were curious and found out that the proprietor would create a track and then you could just sing or freestyle or whatever you'd like over the results. Scott and I each did one and were done in a couple of hours.

This was my track--the music I heard made me want to detail the music that was inspiring me in the year or two before I formed the Dream Syndicate and I went into the vocal booth with some loose notes and names and points to make. Linda was in the studio on another mic, commenting in real time on what I was singing. I think we did two takes.

I've wanted to put this out for years and the start of a new year seems like a good time. The single sleeve was done by my friend Misisipi Mike Wolf. Oh, and I do indeed know how to pronounce "Simenon"--just a vocal flub that I left in while the clock was ticking and Scott was waiting his turn.

For your New Year's listening pleasure, here's "Strummer and Jones."

I’ve got something I want to tell you (tell me!)
I’ve got something I wanna I wanna tell you (tell me!)
Back in 1978 I was digging through every wooden crate
Old vinyl, old ‘78’s, 45’s, 33’s
To find what could reach me
I got something I wanna tell you
Are you with me now?
I’ve got something
That I want to tell you
Everything I’ve known, everything I’ve known
Came down from my old record collection
Strummer and Jones, well, Strummer and Jones
Paul Simenon and Strummer and Jones
Daddy Rolling Stone by Steve Marriott
Phil Lynott. Strummer and Jones
Anyway, I wanna tell you
When I was a kid, I had everything I didn’t keep hid
Everything I needed needed needed like this
I went from the first Velvets to the first Modern Lovers
To the second Stooges, Big Star and Alex Chilton now
I learned everything that I needed from an old record bin
Complete Control, white label, Philly Soul
I learned everything I had to learn
That I was young, I admit
There were moments I had my doubts
Where I was going to
I learned everything I had to learn from
An old ’78.
I had everything I learned (3X) from….
Well, into the vinyl soul
And Strummer and Jones
Manchester now!
Mark E Smith and The Fall
Taught me everything,
That was all
Slates, Slags and States
And the 45 and the 78 now
45 and the 78 now
Up to Glasgow
Take it—Glasgow soul now!
Orange Juice, Josef K and Edwyn Collins
Taking me through
I learned everything I had to learn
From record bins
Strummer and Jones
Swear I couldn’t get it from
Strummer and Jones
And General Johnson too
Give me just a little more time”

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