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tirsdag den 31. maj 2016

“I Found Love In Atlanta, Georgia….”

”We had to leave Peter behind in Atlanta. He just got so out of it, he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing. We waited half a day for him to show up, but then we had to go. He’d met this girl and gone back to her place and when he got ready to leave, she got at gun and tried to rob him”

- Alan Mair, bassist i The Only Ones, til Nina Antonia i bogen, ‘The One And Only’. Peter Perrett – Homme Fatale’ fra 1996.

Historien om den stripper som Peter Perrett havde mødt i Atlanta på The Only Ones 1979-US-tour. Senere dannede oplevelsen rammen om den tvetydige sang, ‘Baby’s Got A Gun’, fra lp’en af samme navn, der udkom i 1980.

“I found love in Atlanta, Georgia
I said, "Baby, I don't think I can afford ya"
She said, just for me - she'd do it for free

Can't you see your infatuation's
Gonna mean unusual complications
You're in danger - baby's got a gun
Baby's got a gun

She's gonna shoot you down
She's gonna shoot you in the ground

You know she's gonna be the ruin of your life
You don't get worried 'cos it happens all the time
But you can never see through evil when it smiles”

Foto: The Only Ones med roadcrew, USA, 1979.

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