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mandag den 11. august 2008

Støjrockens Hank Marvin

Isn’t Anything had been a swifter process - it featured some singular songwriting and introduced the signature Kevin Shields sound. The key MBV technique, however, was both ancient and modern. It involved the Alesis MIDIverb effects unit, and the tremolo facility on the Fender Jazzmaster guitar. The Jazzmaster, hailing from the 1950s and initially popular with surf groups, was something Shields would fetishise - he even made it cover star af Loveless. He deployed the Jazzmaster tremolo ”wing bar” relentlessly, combining it with the Alesis to create his ”glide guitar”. It was an idiot-savant masterstroke. To a fair degree Shields made his name by becoming the art-rock Hank Marvin”.

- musikskribent Roy Wilkinson i magasinet The Word, august 2008.

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