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lørdag den 18. maj 2013

The Paisley Underground genfortalt.

“Think about 1981 and go back and look at any music magazine from back then: you'll be reading about New Romantic bands, synthesiser bands, or bands where if there was a guitar, it was processed through so many boxes and machines that it didn't sound anything like what you might hear on White Light/White Heat.”

- Steve Wynn, The Dream Syndicate

“We also played with bands like the Meat Puppets, in fact we had a policy to accept any gig as long as there was beer. One weekend we opened for Berlin down in San Diego then played with Fear at Al's Bar. I still remember those little rich girls spitting and throwing beer at us. Ha!”

- Dan Stuart, Green On Red

“I remember the glorious day – one of the best days of my life – when I sat at the Columbia Hotel [in London] and one by one major record labels came in and spoke to me and whoever I was with. I was feted and courted by Polygram and UK A&M and UK Island and all these other people. I didn't go anywhere for five or six hours because we had one every hour on the hour. They'd leave after a half hour, 40 minutes, and we'd take a break. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life to have people come in and basically tell you you're great. Late April or May 1985 we signed with Island and that was a mistake – they were nice people but they didn't know what to do with the Long Ryders.”

- Sid Griffin, The Long Ryders

Smagsprøver fra The Guardians fortrinlige artikel eller stykke oral history, som det rettelig er, ’The Paisley Underground: Los Angeles's 1980s psychedelic explosion

(Øverst: The Bangles og Steve Wynn i The Anti Club i Los Angeles, 1982)

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