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søndag den 31. juli 2016

Kerouac lytter til Kerouac

“Cohen’s picture of Kerouac tuning in to listen to himself on the radio captures not just a moment but the whole of the life; not just the man but the legend — and vice–versa. He’s listening to himself, to a record of his own achievement. It’s something every aspiring writer dreams of. But you also feel he’s trying to locate what has been lost, partly by success, partly just by age, partly because it could only be powered by the enormous hunger brought on by rejection.”

- i anledning af den store udstilling om The Beat Generation i Pompidou-centret i Paris, har den engelske forfatter Geoff Dyer, spundet en længere ende om John Cohens kendte fotografiet af Jack Kerouac i magasinet The Spectator.

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