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tirsdag den 26. september 2017

’Psych Is Dead’

”For all their claims of psych being dead, and on this basis one thinks they may actually know that’s not true, The Cosmic Dead have created one of the most psychedelic albums yet. In a year that has already given us new albums from Gnoomes and Gnod, albums which redefine what the genre can be, The Cosmic Dead deliver their magnum opus. Each release seems like a step up from the last in terms of exploration, this one feels like a giant leap into the unknown. Simply put, one of the best psych albums ever made. Psych is well and truly alive, you just need to go looking for it. And that’s kind of the point.”

- det afsluttende afsnit i webmagasinet Echoes and Dusts anmeldelse af skotske The Cosmic Deads nye plade ’Psych Is Dead’.

Betragt også stykket af anmeldelsen, som en form for opklarende kommentar til det afsluttende nummer i gårsdagens podcast om Cph Psych Fest 2017, hvor netop The Cosmic Dead er ét af hovednavnene.

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