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onsdag den 21. august 2019

Thurston Moores favoritsange

Da spillestedet Alice forleden annoncerede Thurston Moore Group (27. september), slog det mig, at jeg for nylig, var surfet forbi en liste med Mooers yndlingstracks. Det tog mig dog lige et stykke tid at rekonstruere, hvor det var, jeg havde set den. Det var hos Far Out Magazine.

Her er den:

Tapper Zukie – ‘Man Ah Warrior’
Patti Smith – ‘Godspeed’
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – ‘Orphans’
Mars – ‘3E’
Public Image LTD – ‘Public Image’
The Slits – ‘Love Und Romance’
The Raincoats – ‘In Love’
Captain Beefheart – ‘Electricity’
Alice Cooper – ‘Is It My Body?’
T. Rex – ‘Children of the Revolution’
Archie Shepp – ‘Blasé’
Billie Holiday – ‘Gloomy Sunday’
Nirvana – ‘Dive’
Mudhoney – ‘In ‘N Out of Grace’
Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Little Fury Things’
Jackson C. Frank – ‘Blues Run the Game’
Bush Tetras – ‘Too Many Creeps’
The Germs – ‘Caught in My Eye’
Boredoms – ‘Born to Anal’
Lou Reed – ‘Satellite of Love’
Beach Boys – ‘Hang On to Your Ego’
David Bowie – ‘Five Years’
Sparks – ‘Equator’
Siouxsie & the Banshees – ‘Hong Kong Garden’
The Damned – ‘New Rose’
The Mentally Ill – ‘Gacy’s Place’
Minor Threat – ‘Out of Step’
Black Flag – ‘I’ve Got To Run’
The Untouchables – ‘Nic Fit’
Iron Cross – ‘Fight Em All’
The Faith – ‘It’s Time’
Void – ‘My Rules’
Negative Approach – ‘Nothing’
Youth Brigade – ‘It’s About Time We Had a Change’
State of Alert – ‘Gonna Haveta Fight’
Anne Briggs – ‘Go Your Way’
The Fugs – ‘Crystal Liaison’
Jimi Hendrix – ‘Freedom’

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