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mandag den 30. august 2021

“Say It Loud! I’m A Deadhead And Proud!” Svar på tiltale…

“Someone sent me a copy of your Grateful Dead review. (in which BAM contributor Mark Levition wrote, “So-called adventuresome people who dig Black Flag probably wouldn’t be caught alive at a Grateful Dead concert.” I saw that Grateful show in Irvine!. I’ve also seen them three times in Oakland and once in San Diego since the Irvine show. I’ve also seen them many times in past years. The Dead is my favorite band.

What we find is that there are Dead fans at show outside of California. California’s music scene is remarkably segmented. Bands like Black Flag and the Dead draw all kinds of music fans to performances outside of California. But maybe things are changing. I saw some Black Flag shirts at the San Diego show.

I feel that in terms of approach and music the Dead have been a big influence on Black Flag from the beginning. We love the Dead. Glad that you do too!

Greg Ginn

Black Flag guitarist


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