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tirsdag den 27. januar 2009

It's All The Same To An American Dane

4 kommentarer:

Christoffer Henneberg sagde ...

Wow. Både at hænge ud med Ramones og blive anmeldt af Robert Christgau. Så var deres USA-tur alligevel ikke helt forgæves!

HHS sagde ...

Nu er det mange år siden, at jeg har læst Christgau´s anmeldelse, men såvidt jeg husker var den vist ok

Christoffer Henneberg sagde ...

Ja, bestemt. De fik A- på hans karakterskala der gik fra A+ til E-. Alle hans anmeldelser er samlet på

HHS sagde ...

Tak, Christoffer.

Hermed anmeldelsen:

Gasolin' [Epic, 1976]
This wonderfully improbable record may signal a new movement--here comes the Copenhagen Sound. Would it were true. The LP compiles the best material from three Danish albums--which means not only released in Denmark but sung in the native language of that funky land, with translations provided in part by an Epic PR man who deserves a new job. Gasolin's music miraculously overwhelms the musicianship and symphonic textures of Yurrupean technopomp with the raucous good humor of genuine rock and roll, and their epithet for the U.S.--"the redskin land," they call it--should make any American chauvinist swell with irony. Just when you're afraid they're indulging in a little Guess Who-style sexism, "It's all the same to an American dame," you figure out that what they're really saying is, "It's all the same to an American Dane." Must be. A-