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lørdag den 21. december 2013

BEAT 2013 (1 af 8)

Af Jamie Mason

Of course one can’t hear EVERYTHING, and there seems to me to be more and more of EVERYTHING as each year goes by. But having said that, I enclose my list of those records I have enjoyed the most during the past 12 months.

10. Matthew E. White: Big Inner
In the unlikely case of being threatened at gun point to chose my favourite album of the year I would most likely choose White's solo debut. A slinky and funky  Southern soul Strings and horns dance around a gospel Cosmic American tradition. There's the occasional hint of Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman thrown in for good measure as well. Never hurried or impatient, the album was classed by Uncut Magazine as ‘One of the great albums of modern Americana" Big Inner only gets better with each listen. Catch the five track EP ‘Outer Face’ for a more minimal, dub-inspired addition.

9. Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
I realize I enjoy good retro music, be it Country, Folk or Rock. Foxygen take us on a trip. Let’s call it Garage Glam.

8. Steve Gunn : Time Off
Steve Gunn is a Brooklyn-based American singer-songwriter who was formerly a guitarist in Kurt Vile's backing band, The Violators. This album is mellow and kind of trippy! Anything from Delta blues and 70s electric Brit-folk to jazzy acid folk, this beautifully played six song effort is definitely a musical highpoint for me this year.

7. Deerhunter: Monomania
After reading an interview with Primal Screams Bobby Gillespie, I checked this one out ( That’s one thing about The Scream, one can always rely on their record collection) Monomania must be played loud! 12 scruffy garage rock songs with few moments to catch one’s breath. Yes, loud and noisy and not for everyone, one wonders where Bradford Cox and Deerhunter will head next time round.

6. Primal Scream: More Light
As someone who has followed the scream since the ‘Paisley’ days back in the 80’s, it’s always a delight when every second or third album hits the mark. This (their 10th) is one of them. Sounding like an unheard greatest hits, with an assortment of styles, there is enough material here for two quality albums. As inventive and relevant as they’ve ever been.

5. Jonathan Wilson: Fanfare
The amazingly talented Jonathan Wilson takes us back to the blissed-out California of the 70’s one more time (‘Gentle Spirit’ from 2011 was a fine introduction to the man) Wilson writes top quality songs and somehow brings new life into the familier. Fresh and completely non-retro.

4. David Bowie: The Next Day
This is one of those Cd’s I made myself listen to because I was told to do so! I’m glad I did and as a ‘lifelong’ fan through the good and bad of Bowie’s career, it was refreshing to hear him sound so innovative and creative. An album only David Bowie could make.

3. Parquet Courts: Light up Gold
Grounded in the roots of Alt.rock USA style: Smart and snappy Velvety/garage rock. Packed with energy and freshness. I love this stuff!

2. Caitlin Rose: The Stand-In
Caitlin Rose came to country through the  Nashville Punk Rock scene. The Stand-In is an enriching experience, call it Country, call it Americana, this is heartbreaking, melodic  and emotional stuff, but all the same it swings like the best country and pop music should.

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Push The Sky Away
This did nothing for me when I first heard it back in February but it just gets better and better with each listen. (Good thing I’ve had 10 months to get to know it, otherwise it would most likely not be on my list!) Slow, minimalistic and hypnotic, this is one of Cave’s very best.

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