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torsdag den 1. december 2016

37 mere eller mindre vanvittige historier om Bob Dylan.

Først en fra årets absolut bedste rockbiografi:

”Bob Mehr’s Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements is one of the best recent rock biographies. It’s also got a great little Dylan story. The Replacements were recording in the same studio in Hollywood as Dylan, then working on Under the Red Sky. And one day, Dylan showed up at the younger band’s session. Mehr quotes engineer Clif Norrell: “He was saying, ‘My kid loves you; my son’s really into your band.’ You could see [the Replacements’] eyes light up, and then Dylan goes, ‘You’re R.E.M., right?’””

En fra Ian McLagans selvbiografi, ‘All The Rage.’:

“Dearly departed keyboardist Ian McLagan did a stint in Dylan’s backing band in the early ’80s, an experience he shared in his memoir, All the Rage.  Turns out Bob was a tetchy bandleader. Before a gig in Rome, Dylan appears in the band’s dressing room wearing “a black drape jacket with a white high-collar shirt.” McLagan tells him, “You’re looking very Byronic tonight” and is then confused when Dylan stews over the comment for several days. Almost a week later, in Barcelona, Dylan asks, ‘Hey, Ian, at the show in Rome, why did you call me moronic?’””

Flere historier herunder…

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