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torsdag den 16. september 2021

Steve Shelley interviewer Charlie Watts

 “Steve Shelley: Hi. This is Steve Shelley.

Charlie Watts: Oh hello.

Steve. So I’m very excited to speak to you. I’m not a journalist; I’m another drummer.

Charlie: Yeah, so I heard.

Steve: I’ve been trying to do some research and write some notes, but hopefully we can just sort of let it go and do some talking. I’ve been listening to the new record—

Charlie: Oh?

Steve: —and I think it’s really great. To me, it’s a real late night record.

Charlie: Oh, that’s okay.

Steve: And sort of along the lines with Frank Sinatra, Sings for Only The Lonely—

Charlie: Yeah, right.

Steve: —or Dinah Washington.

Charlie: Yeah.

Steve: I was wondering about the recording of this album. Did you record it sort of old style or was it very modern techniques that you used?”

Charlie: Oh. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about modern techniques. We’re all in the same room and played it live."

Læs hele interviewet herunder. Vi er tilbage i 1996.

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