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lørdag den 3. april 2010

”Alex Chilton, Told Me To F**k Off”

”The hardest one, and the one that made me really freak out, was when Joe Strummer died. That was like a fucking kick in the head. He was 50. You know? When I think in terms of that, Alex was 59 and Joe Strummer was 50. There’s not a great life expectancy for rock and roll to begin with, and I’m sitting here going, well, I’m only 43 but shit, that could be like 69 by regular age.”
- Tommy Stinson, ex. The Replacements, måske stadig Gun’n’Roses, manden med osten balancerende på hovedet, der nok har fået at vide, at han skal sige ”cheese”, til Philadelphia Weekly, 22. marts 2010.

Hvis overskriften pirrer nysgerrigheden, kan man få historien bag, ved at lytte til Alex Chilton Tribute podcast fra The Ledge med Scott Hudson. Hør bl.a. The Replacements, Wilco, Soul Asylum, This Mortal Coil, Teenage Fanclub, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, The Cramps etc.

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