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fredag den 3. september 2010

Anyone for cricket?

”Now, I’m not from New York. I’m not black, I’m thirteen years old and all I want is to look like Miles Davis. For me he is the sharpest man in the world”

”I never took acid. I say regretfully because I’ve been terrified of the fuckin stuff and I wish I’d taken it to know about it. I think I was the only rock star never to wear a pair of beads. I wished I could have done, but it never looked right on me. But I thought it was great. It fucked a lot of people up, the psychedelic thing, but it made people really talk to each other to”

”Part of it is that I never was a teenager, man. I’d be off in the corner talkin about Kierkegaard. I always took meself seriously and thought Buddy Holly was a great joke”

- trommeslager Charlie Watts i ’Stones Touring Party. A Journey Through America With The Rolling Stones’ af Robert Greenfield, der udkom i 1974. Billedet er i øvrigt fra cricketlandskampen mellem England og Australien, d. 6. september 2009.

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