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mandag den 11. juli 2011

Tidssignalement. ’The City Of The Dead’.

”I remember around 1974 and 1975 people were bored. They had Roxy Music and David Bowie but they still got bored. When people are really bored, something will happen.”
- Bernie Rhodes, manager for The Clash.
"It was really terrible then, 1973, 1974, 1975. It was Roxy Music, Queen, Led Zeppelin, it was all these mega-monster bands or little tribute bands down the pub. I don’t think the kids were doing anything, they were just hanging about slagging people off. But everybody was waiting for something, even though they had no idea what it was”
- Micky Foote, gammel ven af Joe Strummer, altmuligmand for The Clash, ind i mellem endog producer.
”Those years were unbelievably awful. First of all you watched heroes from the 1960s grow fat, limp and pointless. How many bad Van Morrison albums did you buy before you finally stopped? And the people who were happening were this pompons, sententious fucking crap. People forget how bad it all was. Two words: Rick Wakeman.”
- Tony Wilson, senere leder af Factory Records.

Så er det vist sat på plads. Fra ’Passion Is A Fashion. The Real Story Of The Clash’ af Pat Gilbert.

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