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søndag den 20. november 2016

“Punk rock doesn’t have to mean hardcore or one style of music…”

“The concepts underpinning Double Nickels came about partially by accident. In early 1983, the Minutemen had recorded enough songs to make a single album. But before they finished it, their friends and SST labelmates, Minneapolis trio Hüsker Dü, came to town and recorded the two-LP set Zen Arcade in less than a week. Watt took this as a dare: if their pals could make a double album, why couldn’t the Minutemen? (He would later add a playful “take that, Hüskers!” to the liner notes of Double Nickels).”

 - en genanmeldelse kan man næppe kalde det. Ikke desto mindre giver Pitchfork, i en artikel fra 13. november i år, 9.5 til Minutemens spraglede og nærmest udefinerbare dobbeltalbum, ’Double Nickels On The Dime’, fra 1984. Læs videre herunder…

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