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onsdag den 10. december 2008

’Tambourine Freak Machine’

Denne siden burde for længst, have skrevet nogle superlativer om Dragontears andet album ’Tambourine Freak Machine’. En ting er gode intentioner, en anden at få dem udført. I stedet kommer her et pluk af et interview, som Lorenzo Woodrose har givet til internetmagasinet Lowcut. I tekststykket dissekerer Lorenzo pladetitlen:

”Well, it rhymes nicely and sounds cool. I like all three words very much. There are several layers if you look at the meaning of it - a balance between natural organic instruments (tambourine) and electronic devices on the album (machine). Also, making machines freak by manipulting them such as in the circuit bends on Dreamweaver #2 and the idea of me being the tambourine freak machine (there's a Dylan association here as well - as in I like to play the tambourine and sing songs in the jingle jangle morning) and sometimes it feels like the music I make attract or maybe even produce freaks. Some of the fans that get in touch with me on places like MySpace and Facebook are clearly not normal, thank god! Mostly they are very sensitive, intelligent young people who identify with the outcast image I project.”

Læs resten. Og stil ind på Lowcut R’n’R Radio, hver søndag på Christianshavns Kanal.

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