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tirsdag den 23. august 2011

Kuriositeter. 'Mats & Westerberg

’If Only You Were Lonely’ (b-side of ’I'm In Trouble’)
’Hey Good Lookin'’ (b-side of ’I Will Dare’)
’20th Century Boy’ (T.Rex cover) (’Let It Be’ outtake)
’Who's Gonna Take Us Alive’ (’Let It Be’ outtake)
’Temptation Eyes’ (’Let It Be’ outtake)
’Street Girl’ (’Let It Be’ outtake)
’Nowhere Is My Home’ (’Boink’ LP, England)
’Bundle Up’ ('PTMM' rehearsal, ’Jungle Rock’ with new lyrics)
’Empty As Your Heart’ (aka ’PO Box’) (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Time Is Killing’ Us’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Kick It In’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Run For The Country’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Going Out Of My Head’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Trouble On The Way’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Make This Your Home’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Cool Water’ (’PTMM’ rehearsal)
’Route 66’ (b-side of ’Alex Chilton’)
’Tossin' and Turnin'’ (b-side of ’The Ledge’)
’Ought To Get Love’ (’Don't Tell A Soul’ outtake)
’Kissing In Action’ (’All Shook Down’ outtake)
’Dyslexic Heart’ (’Singles’ soundtrack)
’Waiting for Somebody’ (’Singles’ soundtrack)
’Seein' Her’ (b-side of ’Knockin' on Mine’)
’Men Without Ties’ (b-side of ’Knockin' on Mine’)
’Dice Behind Your Shades’ (Festicle version, b-side of ’Knockin' on Mine’)
’Can't Hardly Wait’ (live '93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side ’World Class Fad’)
’Left of the Dial’ (live '93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side ’World Class Fad’)
’Another Girl, Another Planet’ (live '93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side ’World Class Fad’)
’Answering Machine’ (live '93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side ’World Class Fad’)
’Daydream Believer’ (live, b-side British single?)
’A Star is Bored’ (’Melrose Place’ soundtrack)
’Backlash’ (w/ Joan Jett) (’Notorious’ LP)
’Let's Do It’ (w/ Joan Jett) (’Tank Girl’ soundtrack)
’Sunshine’ (’Friends’ soundtrack)
’Stain Yer Blood’ (’Friends’ soundtrack)
’Make Your Own Kind of Music’ (’Eventually’ / bonus track Japan)
’I Want My Money Back’ (Grandpaboy single)
’Undone’ (Grandpaboy single)
’Wonderful Copenhagen’ (’Suicaine Gratification’ / bonus track Europe)
’33rd of July’ (’Suicaine Gratification’ / bonus track Europe)
’Nowhere Man’ (’I Am Sam’ soundtrack)
’Be Bad For Me’ (’Folker’ / bonus track Europe)

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends har samlet hele baduljen.

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