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tirsdag den 16. februar 2016

”Vinyl is sleepwalking”. Richard Hell kedede sig

“As we know, Martin Scorsese is cynical about business, or organized crime, or the police force or whatever you want to call it. Also about everything except maybe the glory of movies. I respect and admire Scorsese, but I get tired of his relentless framing of life as nothing but competition among men for power — represented by money, willingness to betray and kill, cocaine, and pussy. Something like that. Granted, it’s a valid perspective, and a good pretext for entertainment, and God knows the music industry is a perfect illustration, but Vinyl is sleepwalking.”

- uddrag af Richard Hells anmeldelse i Stereogum af pilotepisoden af ’Vinyl’, der nu er at se på HBO. 

Jeg følte mig nu meget godt underholdt.

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