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tirsdag den 19. april 2016

Tema om Flying Nun i Mod Strømmen

“Simply put, we are an independent New Zealand music label. We started in 1981, like many independent labels do, by just wanting to make music we like available for people we like. It is still why we do it.”

“We started off with a simple, do-it-yourself post-punk attitude, which still remains. After all, who else was going to record and release the likes of The Clean, Chris Knox or The Dead C. It also happened that we were stuck on a couple of remote islands at the bottom of the world. So we were always going to be a bit different from the word go.”

- bid af Flying Nuns korfattede præsentation af sig selv.

Nu på torsdag, d. 21. april, dykker Mod Strømmen en smule dybere i plademærkets store katalog. 

Lyt med kl. 18.00 på enten 98.9 FM eller via den direkte livestream.

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