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lørdag den 2. april 2016

"Ghetto music, always drum and bass”

“…a great overview of the Jamaican reggae scene in the mid-70s. It features interviews with reggae greats like Jimmy Cliff and Joe Higgs along with some great performance footage and "man on the street" footage of the slums of Kingston where reggae was born. Although little (or none) of the performance footage comprises complete songs, it's still a real treat to see some of the biggest names in reggae (Heptones, Third World, Inner Circle, Gladiators, Lee Perry) performing and recording during one of the most creative periods of reggae's development.

The information on Haile Selassie I and the ghetto scenes provides a good overview for anyone who wants to learn the background of reggae, beyond the palm trees and dreadlocks.

My only complaint is that it's too short! I could easily have watched a 2-hour version of this documentary, but as it is, it stands as a good, early documentary on reggae music that works either as an introduction for neophytes or a chance for hard-core fans to see some of the legends in action.”

- brugeranmeldelse af ‘Roots Rock Reggae - Inside the Jamaican Music Scene’ fra 1977 på IMDb


The Abyssinians - themselves
Dennis Brown - himself
Jimmy Cliff - himself
Inner Circle - themselves
Michael Manley - himself
Bob Marley - himself
Jacob Miller - himself
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - himself (as Lee Perry)
U-Roy - himself

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