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lørdag den 30. december 2017

Har du set dokumentarfilmen ’The Go-Betweens: Right Here’ fra i år?

Hvis ikke, så ligger den nu som betalingsstream via Vimeo. Det koster sølle, kr. 31.50.

Her et stykke fra The Guardians anmeldelse af filmen:

“There’s a wonderful moment when Morrison pauses as she recalls what Forster was wearing after he returned from a period in the UK. It’s the first truly cinematic moment of the film, where the camera lingers just long enough to capture the wistfulness in her expression. But Right Here does not depend on cinematography. It’s all about the words, the rhythms and the melodies of the stories being told, whether by the band or those close to them.

An early turning point is a gig in Brisbane as part of a triple-header with the Laughing Clowns and the Birthday Party. Ed Kuepper, of the former, comments on the Go-Betweens’ lack of “anything remotely like time keeping”. Later there’s a great story about the Birthday Party’s Nick Cave trying, but failing, to wring a tune out of the guitar McLennan wrote Cattle and Cane on – the song Forster says propelled him to “cut out all this cut-up poetic nonsense” and write more direct songs.”

Tak til Jan D.

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