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torsdag den 2. marts 2017

Ny dokumentarfilm om Alex Chilton undervejs

’Thanks For Being So Nice’ er titlen. Den bliver lavet af D J Leonard, der nåede at kende Chilton i mere end tredive år.

Leonard fortæller:

“Alex was easy for a kid like me to meet around the time I dropped out of high school in Memphis. I'd see him perform in small rooms as a sideman with Tav Falco's Pantherburns, a ragged and raging “art damage” punk/rockabilly/blues/tango ensemble. It was a far cry from his years as a pop star in The Box Tops just a decade earlier but for us it was exhilarating. Underage delinquents like me could still get served in bars without an ID and Alex was a regular; he liked to hang with the kids in his neighborhood.

In 1982, Alex quit drinking and decided to move to New Orleans – a seemingly incompatible pair of lifestyle choices. He didn't own a car and, carrying only a small backpack, he caught a ride with a friend and I just before Mardi Gras. On that ride to New Orleans he talked about his decision. He was very clear about his need to make a change, saying he'd started in music at such a young age that he never had a real job and now he needed to take a break from music to find discipline in his life.”

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